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Year One: Bedroom/Office Area | Studio Style Blog

Year One: Bedroom/Office Area

Last but not least in the Year One series for this apartment… the bedroom/office area of my studio! This area changed a bit with a few new pieces, and switching out art and accessories over the last year.

Moving day setup: mattress against the wall while we were struggling to get the curtain system installed correctly for the second go around:2014-08-16 17.53.29Progress after the first couple days:2014-08-19 19.26.23 2014-08-17 17.59.39 After styling the nightstand and adding art:   2014-11-09 14.25.40 2015-03-15 12.43.402015-03-15 12.49.28 Changing out the art for a vintage thrift store find:


Mixing up the nightstand when the credenza arrived:

IMG_5156 IMG_5178

Swapping out my former desk chair for a Craigslist score and changing the lamp shade: IMG_5452

And here’s the final look of the space: MIh3HtXUk9F-n9iaVV7SGZqhpPFaTBhjIPSx4i878UM  Kqo2UgjGbEW6qhIaI-tstaGFapqfJpg_G5QueqF2rs8 STzqHD8DwnEWGLP4YeTLy1efXLu6pCEJkMwntrRAmwY xPteLHbiHnfFMEWFTiAsyvFvKoR-fMns8P9Fi5EmdH4 dCaMkGvG1yP2XI-hPWZxFyw-MrE5ZbmRKH-80omhDj4  ssyWuvTuAlyQl4c4CZjQLDbU07MkV3iduc7p44qqrV4 F5Xrr424otUD4hbjaIz9P3JT4YeLfLAHiEULJZ2UvEM  Biv-Oo7FsXvwnVvg1Yg0ncbfIUf1_osrJxqcXkFOIDw  XMrFlSElV6BxZgUUEePyc84aD1EKQvW5gfBqESVUAUM

Hope you enjoyed seeing the progress of each area in the apartment over the past year. Stay tuned for a full updated home tour soon before everything is packed up and moved out!

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