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Year One: Kitchen | Studio Style Blog
8.10.15 2

Year One: Kitchen

If you missed any posts from last week, check out the Year One series where I covered the entryway, living and dining areas. Moving on to the kitchen! This probably looks the most similar to move in day but I’ve made quite a few subtle changes in this small space.

Here’s a look at the empty kitchen when I first viewed this apartment:2014-08-15 17.23.25 Surrounded with moving boxes:2014-08-16 09.43.39 Putting a few things away in the cabinets on moving day. I can’t imagine life without this lovely little shelf riser insert (whatever it’s actually called). I might get another one for my next place. They are so helpful for those with limited cabinet space. 2014-08-16 09.59.34  Then I changed out the hardware for brass cabinet and bin pulls:2014-08-27 19.58.31 2014-08-28 21.37.13    Added a new coffee maker (brewstation):2014-09-06 12.37.04-1 Used some of the leftover decals from the entryway on this beam:2014-09-01 18.21.05 Added art and dish towels:2014-11-09 14.32.30 Made a quick and easy DIY painted vase to hold pens, scissors and dry erase markers:2014-11-07 20.27.55 Also made a faux terrarium:2014-10-26 19.16.32 Organized my mail mess and changed a couple items on the small window ledge:2015-03-15 13.00.43 Finally purchased my amazing kilim runner:2015-05-10 19.13.21 2015-05-10 19.13.41 2015-05-10 19.14.49 Found a quick and easy solution for extra counter space:IMG_4862 Organized my drawers:2015-02-09 16.53.30  And here’s the final look! a3UgMokV4YI61bVnFjIA_GiIZghoKQ-VJF_MlWWrFfk qgebYjh9MVzIvO7Q0fcxPVRKn64xStuvw_ztVXbrfzw DLXhiI0PWPH5iYYYshsI2Eb3qeoSeftw3c3ehTo0at0  jKD4ApftgK3lI4OACVWM8eyN4e4UUOBo18XZ8E95x8s jffR-1-JGg0FeVY90YCDZu_EZZhAJvO26GEtyU4K8RM 7xN3SHqV7UY8Zwb-QUOiFWwjnpZLc92TyU-wQEkLq-o Nf27QUa5KMjZP0-YeVLC883sZVE7wbI9z3Iw0AnoDSM      V0f1V9oAuXb-BwkL-1ighRzO-jKELePdpoNNTLOXKlw pJb7bZ2e6urIDZ9iDgdYT_jhl-kcX-GM8ylCd2ISEkw

Check back tomorrow for the last post in the Year One series.. the bedroom/office area.

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  1. Looks great! I love the touches of gold with the neutral color scheme. Now you just need some bar stools! Colorful, wooden, or industrial?

    Published 8.10.15
    • studiostyleblog wrote:

      Thanks! No bar stools here. The space is too small and I’m moving! 🙂

      Published 8.10.15
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