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Year One: Living Room | Studio Style Blog

Year One: Living Room

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out here: Year One: Entryway

Continuing on with the Year One series… the space that has seen the most transformation over the last year! I think I’m most pleased with how this space turned out.

Here’s a quick look back at the move in day chaos:2014-08-16 11.10.53-12014-08-16 17.53.19 And a few days after moving in:2014-08-22 14.57.32Gallery wall addedcropped-cropped-2014-09-27-13-12-40.jpg The bar remix and addition of the DIY press for champagne button:2015-03-15 12.51.41 New pillows for the sofa and a few new coffee table accessories:2015-01-24 15.51.06 2015-01-25 14.24.27 The new rug! This really transformed the living room and I love it just as much as the day I got it.2015-02-23 16.49.09 2015-03-15 13.00.03 My ultimate chair swap (where I ended up making a profit):2015-04-05 12.50.44 And the addition of my gorgeous kilim pillow:IMG_5104Finally, the mid-century credenza I’d been pining after for years! After a lot of elbow grease, I restored this beauty:2015-05-25 14.17.08 2015-05-25 14.18.43 And the final look of the living room:  rbqiFwRq1jAtWUyBknkFC6tXKaZIfu9TS1e0PdPy_oY 9tFCb2MEKhZm2iUn32q7j1tGmjHekX9orZE49k8pjzw iytoMwhmNp7mC9BTIQ5wuafplLz-_cnzI1ZWcD5uIeg    3ctMrJuua5_dP8TOdYmndmsd4itACg8h6Lo1aUI0beI 9ua_-QOX-dw-FA1mlRkPqUmvNnLvrTNaXNioDmRVDdg vWUw9jPCIL0aPHcchCbgIg5zHztewRVOTbCgugPi0m4 NtUIZLb55nsaPwVJB7kCBLBL-aPMMBNSSYCpX7rFY0E  3imNrnEEFvE17FeM1frJ2Pufh9TbjOpdx9Fn2YYS2Bg fk1oLc-W8petOZcBfgGXHWszaX6PbKxHGS0KMp5L-HI  9nL8WujvspqYf2Ryiwnq9EXj7kOi6cmTf7Lakz8Y5Hs  HELnDwNfDOzoV_HfR6ZEgIltU1yKzXXdPa0MPRv9-1QRf3OUueQPd_vYZFcP03x3JSO6irr1WxJhbGU5NUP_EQKVJgN7oWhVItKzdFqmkJKjkHocOUdIQTLNV-r4L4mzY

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