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Dining Room Reveal!

Apologies for the super late post! But here is the long awaited dining room reveal… Plans for this space morphed from this to this and after one last change (I finally decided on a bench), it has all come together even better than I could have ever hoped!

A bit about each element:

I ended up finding the marble tulip table of my dreams from Good Wood in DC and it had a few imperfections on the base (that I’ll tackle after moving) so the price was quite affordable.

After stalking these chairs on Joss and Main, they finally became available, yet one counter-height stool showed up at my apartment. So that was shipped back, then I was told the chairs were back ordered until September, then I miraculously got an email about a week ago that they were being delivered! The chair saga finally ended and I scored these for a great deal. 


The bench was the last element and I had about 14 different ones rotating around on pinterest and in online shopping carts but finally discovered this one at target and it was on sale ($70 off!) and I am so glad I waited to find the perfect fit. It works well with the size, style and color scheme of the table and chairs and is quite comfortable.


Now I’ll stop writing and let you get to the best part… the four billion photos I took 🙂

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