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Charming Studio Apartment Tour in Copenhagen, Denmark
7.31.15 1

Studio Apartment Tour: Copenhagen Pt. 2

Welcome back to Copenhagen! I have another charming studio apartment for you today… Julie’s lovely apartment in Denmark. Let’s get started in the kitchen area.

This wall makes a big statement when you walk in and leads your eye out to the adorable balcony. I love the little bit of extra counter space with the butcher block to the left as well. Billede 16-07-15 15.27.57Check out this wonderful little balcony! You might have noticed in my balcony inspiration post, I included these decking tiles from Ikea. These are perfect for this space and it feels like a continuation of the living space in the apartment. Adding a hand crafted little bench for seating is practical and doesn’t take up too much room.Billede 18-07-15 20.25.57The kitchen is light and organized, which makes it feel larger. I love the little wall-mounted shelving on the right for spices and storage for smaller items. Billede 17-07-15 11.38.43Let’s head into the living room. Julie managed to fit a great dining table and two chairs in the space between the kitchen and living room.Billede 18-07-15 19.04.17Another one of my favorite tricks for small spaces… a large mirror! This always makes the space feel larger and is a great decor staple. The TV on top of a dresser is one of my old standbys and it’s perfect for dual function storage. Billede 16-07-15 15.29.50This seating area is perfect for a small space and you can always pull in the dining chairs for extra seating if necessary. Billede 18-07-15 19.05.35I love this little vignette and check out the hidden power strip in the basket below. This is a great idea to tuck it out of sight while still allowing ventilation.Billede 18-07-15 19.05.49Looking at the mirror from this angle, you can see how it creates the illusion of a larger space. The little basket next to the TV looks like a perfect spot for storage and it’s stylish enough to sit in the living room. Billede 18-07-15 19.04.33Moving on to the bedroom area! Julie had walls added to enclose the area into a real ‘room’ and I love the french doors to go along with it! Always a classic design element, and they keep the space from feeling too boxed in. Billede 16-07-15 16.03.28 (1)It might be tiny, but it certainly works! The wall-mounted sconce saves precious floor space and the smaller bed works well in here. I love the bright floral pattern on the duvet as well. The french doors look great from this angle, too. They allow plenty of natural light in the space. Billede 17-07-15 11.43.24

Thanks to Julie for letting me feature your space. Check out her instagram here. All photos by Julie.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email studiostyleblog@gmail.com with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Studio Apartment Tour” for consideration.



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