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Studio Apartment Tour: Boston Pt 2 | Studio Style Blog
7.17.15 1

Studio Apartment Tour: Boston Pt 2

We’re back in Boston again, this time with a totally different, but equally amazing, studio apartment! This is Ryan’s first studio apartment (a gorgeous brownstone, if you couldn’t tell) and he certainly knows how to maximize space and style. He just moved in in June which is quite impressive for how put together and finished his apartment looks.

Let’s get started! The architectural detail in this space is amazing and he accents everything just right without taking away from the overall look. I bet these string lights look awesome at night, too. The kitchen is a decent size for a studio apartment and keeping it simple and clean makes it feel even larger.

IMG_5817 copy
Adding books and photo frames to the ledges is great for decor and storage space as well. This little table is a genius way of using dual-function pieces, like I’m always preaching about. Check out this little work space… IMG_5822And now it’s transformed into a quaint dining area for two! IMG_5824On the opposite side of the room is the bedroom area, and check out that fireplace. You can’t go wrong with the charm of an older apartment. Ryan utilized several furniture pieces from Ikea in this space, but you can hardly tell because the amazing fabrics, patterns and textures give the space a rich, global feel. IMG_5815I’m a sucker for bay windows and these do not disappoint. They frame this little seating area perfectly. And notice how the second dining chair is tucked in there for additional seating when the table is being utilized as a desk? Take notes, fellow small space dwellers. The color palette is a fairly neutral base which keeps the space from feeling too busy but is complimented by adding colorful accents.IMG_5827 The little trunk works perfectly as a media stand for easy viewing, as most of the furniture in this space is lower to the ground. IMG_5814On the other side of the apartment is a small but functional bathroom with a great vanity for storage. IMG_5819I’ll leave you with this lovely (almost) aerial shot of the apartment. These textiles work so well together, despite having differing colors and patterns and they really round out the entire apartment. IMG_5838Thanks to Ryan for letting me feature your space. Check out his instagram here. All photos by Ryan.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email studiostyleblog@gmail.com with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Studio Apartment Tour” for consideration.

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