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Choosing Paint Colors | Studio Style Blog

Choosing Paint Colors

I’m planning to have my next apartment painted, so I picked up a ridiculous amount of free sample cards from the hardware store last weekend. I knew I wanted to utilize black, grey and white but had no idea that so many different shades existed!

I started with the black, because there were only five cards available. I think I’ve decided on Benjamin Moore’s ‘black beauty’ in the upper left. IMG_5668 The grey was a much more difficult choice. Laying them all out and separating them by different shades really helped to see what actually looked grey and what was more blue or even green. At first glance of these cards individually, I assumed they were all very grey. As you can see below, they are definitely different:

IMG_5667 I eliminated a few and paired it down to eight choices:
IMG_5669And then the final six. I still haven’t settled on the final color yet, but I’m leaning toward ‘storm,’ ‘stone’ and ‘grey mountain’

Just when I thought the grey was difficult.. the white topped it. It’s hard to see in photos, but these were all very different shades as well. IMG_5673 After moving them all around my current apartment, by the window, taped on the cabinets, etc. I finally narrowed it down to these six. IMG_5674

It’s also helpful to see them in the daylight and nighttime. Colors can look vastly different at each time of day, so be sure you like color enough in both  settings. Stay tuned for my final choices and painting process in the next couple weeks!

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