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Apartment Hunting Tips: Volume II | Studio Style Blog
7.9.15 2

Apartment Hunting Tips: Volume II

As a follow up to my last post, I have a couple more apartment hunting tips to share.

These usually apply if you’re apartment hunting but have found a place you think might work. Be sure to ask plenty of follow up questions and bring your phone and tape measure with you before sealing the deal.

  • Take photos: After looking at countless apartments, it’s easy to forget what they look like right after you step out the door. I’ve tried to remember to take at least a couple photos of almost every place I’ve visited and was considering.
  • Test it out: Turn on the faucet, flush the toilet, etc. If the plumbing is terrible, this will be an indication. Turn on the lights, open the windows, etc. It’s better to be aware of any electrical, plumbing or other issues than realizing it after you’ve already signed a contract and moved in.
  • Measure: I’m slightly obsessed with my tape measure, but for good reason. This helps you to anticipate furniture layout, purchasing new items (and whether or not they’ll fit in the space), size of a rug you’ll need, etc. Measure as much as you can, write it down and then plan before your move.
  • Ask about making updates to the apartment: Depending on your management company or landlord, most are open to painting, changing hardware, hanging things on the walls, etc. It never hurts to ask! Some have stipulations where you have to paint it back to the original color before vacating, patch holes, etc. Be sure to get this in writing as to avoid any bumps down the road when you move out.

A couple more floor plans with pros and cons underneath to look out for:

Pros: Decent layout and size, good neighborhood
Cons: Outdated, no balcony, no dishwasher, windows were abnormally small and there was almost no natural lighting


Pros: Great layout, more square footage, large balcony, decent price
Cons: Kitchen counters are not the greatest and kitchen layout is a bit odd, wish there were more windows
IMG_5383Pros: Great layout, balcony and washer/dryer in unit, decent neighborhood
Cons: Balcony obstructs so much natural light that the living room is almost dark during the daytime, high price tag
IMG_4777Pros: Washer and dryer and balcony included, amazing views, separate sleeping area, updated finishes and appliances
Cons: High price tag, construction adjacent, smaller square footage than what I currently have

Can you guess which one is the front runner? 

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