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Dining Area Plans

I love my dining area, but I’m starting to think that a smaller round table might be a better fit for this space. The small pathway between the island and the table feels really tight (this photo doesn’t quite do it justice) and I’d like to free up a bit of space there. A round table would give me a bit more room and has a visually smaller footprint than a rectangular table. I’m also noticing that almost every piece of furniture I have in the apartment (with the exception of my entry table) is square or rectangle shaped and I’d like to incorporate more variety. 2015-03-15 12.57.42Enter: a mid-century inspired round table and bentwood chairs! The mid-century look of the table ties in well with my credenza and the light grey color of the chairs adds a bit of interest to the space. dining area plansOf course my eyes are always bigger than my budget, so this plan will be a little further down the road (and hopefully I can score the chairs on sale at some point) but I’ll be selling my current dining table and four chairs if anyone local (DC area) is interested, let me know!

Shop the look here:
Bentwood chairs // Round table 

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