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How to: Refinish a Mid-Century Modern Credenza Pt. 1 | Studio Style Blog
5.27.15 3

How to: Refinish a Mid-Century Modern Credenza Pt. 1

If you missed yesterday’s post, check out the first look at my credenza here. It definitely needed a little bit of work and love, but the elbow grease definitely paid off. Thanks to a tutorial on Young House Love, I picked up a couple supplies at the hardware store and got to work.


2015-05-23 10.47.11 2015-05-23 10.47.17 2015-05-23 10.47.23  2015-05-23 10.47.38 2015-05-23 10.47.42  Step 1: Magic eraser

I tested it on a non-visible portion first to make sure it wouldn’t do something horrible to the wood, but after the all clear, I scrubbed all the grime off of it. 2015-05-23 11.03.45 2015-05-23 11.07.10 The drawer at the top of the photo has been scrubbed and the bottom one has not. It even removed little paint marks on the drawers, too!   2015-05-23 11.14.16 2015-05-23 11.16.35 You can really tell the difference in this photo as well. Left is still dirty and right is clean. After getting the magic eraser slightly damp and scrubbing, then I wiped off any excess moisture/soapy mix off the wood immediately with a clean rag. 2015-05-23 11.18.40   The result of a lot of scrubbing:2015-05-23 11.26.36 2015-05-23 11.26.43   Step 2: Clean out the inside of the credenza. 

Simply using my vacuum and a rag to clean off the dust, I tackled the inside of the credenza.

Before:2015-05-23 11.37.04  2015-05-23 11.38.15  After:2015-05-23 11.47.10 Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on the last steps to restoring the credenza!2015-05-23 14.10.00

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