Mid-Century Modern Credenza

If you hadn’t already noticed from my instagram sneak peek over the weekend, I finally scored a mid-century modern credenza! I’ve been on the hunt for years and hadn’t pulled the trigger on one yet. After a lot of craigslist searching, I finally found one! It was the perfect size and came with a mirror (which I didn’t think I needed) but was a little out of my price range. I negotiated it down by $75 to a price I was more comfortable with. Even better: I was able to get it delivered for a small extra cost! I could have rented a zipcar and picked it up, but this was much less hassle and far a cheaper route for me.

After having one craigslist credenza fall through at the last minute a couple weeks ago, (the day before I drove out to pick it up, they decided to email and tell me they no longer wanted to sell it…) I was hesitant to get too excited about this one until it actually arrived at my doorstep! It all worked out and I’m so glad I found this gem. It definitely needed a little bit of work and polish, but I’ll be featuring updates on that throughout this week. Here’s a first look and a few photos of inspiration on how I’d like to use and style it!

IMG_4909 IMG_4913


7 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern Credenza

  1. Very excited to see how you spruce this up for you own space! I love the clean lines of mid-century, they make it very easy to mix styles above and on top of it with that strong foundation! If I could fit one of these in my apartment, I’d be hunting for one too.

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