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Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume IV | Studio Style Blog
5.21.15 1

Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume IV

Tiffany in Virginia asks:

I recently started following your AMAZING Instagram page. I recently moved to a studio apartment in Alexandria that is extremely small and it has carpet, I have no idea how to decorate it so it’s been so plain for the past month or so. I really like everything on the blog so if you have any suggestions I’m open to anything! I would say my style is chic and stylish. Thank you so much for creating this blog and I can’t wait for it to look as cute as or close to as cute as yours!

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Studio Style Blog Response:
Thanks for your kind words and email! I think your apartment has a lot of potential, so don’t be discouraged by the carpet. I’ll break down my suggestions into a couple categories below and be sure to let me know if you end up utilizing them as you decorate. I’m sure the readers would love to see some ‘after’ photos as well.

1. Layering rugs: I wrote about this in a design trend post awhile ago, and it’s a great solution to cover up rental carpet. Try layering a larger jute rug with a colorful patterned smaller rug on top in the living room area. See photo example below:


This jute rug from World Market is a stylish and affordable option. For pattern and color, try this rug from Target or this rug from West Elm.


2. Add curtains and pull back the blinds: This will draw attention away from the not-so-chic look of vertical blinds and will draw the eye up away from the carpet. Simple white curtains will keep the space light and airy but these are thick enough to provide privacy when needed.
2015-03-15 12.57.42

3. Decorate the walls: Whether it’s with art, wall decals, shelving or all of the above, adding elements to the walls will brighten the place with color, pattern and style. And will make your apartment feel more lived in and more like a home rather than a rental apartment.

  • Adding art: Resources for art and prints here. DIY art project example here. Gallery wall post here. Many more art-related posts on Studio Style Blog can be found here.
  • Adding wall decals: tutorials from both of my studio apartments: old and new.
  • Adding wall-mounted shelving: A few favorite resources for shelves: West Elm // CB2 //Ikea // The Container Store 

2015-03-15 12.30.164. Add furniture, especially dual storage pieces: I’m not sure what’s on your list of furniture that you need or already have, but I’ll throw out a few options for apartment-friendly stylish and affordable furniture.

  • Sofas: Neutral sofas work well in any space and won’t feel too bulky or overbearing. World market has one very similar to my sofa here and I love this one from CB2. More affordable sofa posts on Studio Style Blog here and here.
  • What better to pair with a neutral sofa than a ton of affordable throw pillows from yesterday’s Style on a Budget post here.
  • For dual storage options, tall dressers and media consoles are great for apartments. The dresser can be used out in the main room and won’t look out of place if you style it correctly. Adding a lamp, a few accessories and leaning art on top of a dresser like this would look great. And you obviously don’t have to use a dresser for clothes if you have other storage needs (books, toiletries, shoes, anything goes!) I’m currently using a dresser as a media stand. If you need a place for a television, try a colorful media console like this one. You’ll be able to use the cabinets as great hidden storage.

2015-03-15 12.55.17

Hope this was all helpful for you and any of my readers with a similar problem!

Thanks to Tiffany for writing in and for info on how to submit your questions to Studio Style Blog, click here.

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