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Four Renter Eyesores and How To Hide Them

1. The ugly thermostat
2015-05-10 19.50.23 Solution: You might have already seen this if you follow me on instagram, but I accidentally discovered a genius and stylish solution to solve this problem. My Rifle Paper Co Birchbox perfectly rests over it and looks like a small art piece on the wall!  2015-05-10 19.50.43

2. The ugly heating and cooling unit2015-05-10 19.51.03 Solution:  Put a dining table in front of it! Just kidding… kind of. Obviously this won’t work for everyone, but just as an example, any piece of furniture: a table, couch, bookshelf, etc. will distract from the unit. At this angle, it’s barely visible. And it just so happens that my dining table really does work perfectly in this area of my studio apartment.2015-05-10 19.51.42

3. The ugly utility panel2015-05-10 19.53.22  Solution: Minimize it. You can’t always completely cover everything up, so do your best to minimize it with a well-placed tall object or something similar. My DIY marble utensil crock sits here and covers up most of the panel but it’s still easy to access if needed. 2015-05-10 19.53.50 4. The ugliest of all the eyesores: plastic blinds (though they come in at a close second to cheap vertical blinds in my book)2015-05-10 19.55.31Solution: This might be the most obvious one of all… don’t close them! I’m nowhere near skilled enough to take them down myself and put them back up when I move, so that’s not an option (at least for me personally, if you’re that handy, by all means, take them down. Or temporarily replace them with something nicer if you’re really adventurous). I like to keep as much natural light in my apartment as possible during the daytime and I pull the curtains closed at night but leave the blinds open. My bed is facing away from the window so the sun doesn’t wake me up in the morning. Even if you do prefer to close them at night, be sure to open them all the way each morning and they’ll be much less obvious and rental-looking. 2015-05-10 19.55.00

Hope you found these tips helpful! For more rental tips and tricks, click here.

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  1. Love the tips! The more things that make my rental apartment look less “rental-looking”, the better! 🙂

    Published 5.15.15
    • Thanks! Hopefully you’ll be able to utilize them in your own rental!

      Published 5.16.15
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