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Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume II | Studio Style Blog
3.27.15 1

Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume II

It’s time for another edition of Ask Studio Style Blog!
Check out Volume I here. For info on how to submit your questions to Studio Style Blog, click here.
Design Dilemma:
I came across your instagram/website and love the work you do (your decoration is truly adorable)! I was wondering if I could get some decorating/design advice for my open/one bedroom loft space. I have two empty corners and am not quite sure what to do with them (things to put on the wall, potential small furniture pieces, etc). I’d love your feedback and any suggestions you might have!
I just moved into a new place and am trying to figure out what to do with an empty corner by my bed. How would you decorate the space? Any furniture pieces you’d use, or things you’d put on the wall? I have very high ceilings, and the area looks pretty bare – I want to warm the place up a bit!
-Tina (Washington, DC)

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All photos are from Tina

Studio Style Blog Response:

First off, I think the space is gorgeous and I love what you’ve done with it so far! I’ll break this post down into a few options and ideas for the space.

Advice for the walls:

  • Create a large gallery wall: along with the art and accents you have now, consider filling up that entire wall with other art, framed prints, accessories, etc. It will definitely ground the space and draw your eye to that wall.
  • Paint (if possible): depending on your restrictions with management/landlords, etc. I would consider painting if you’re up for it. A darker grey would look great in the room. If you’re really feeling adventurous, paint the ceiling! I’ve blogged about this new trend and it really makes the space feel warmer and luxurious.
  • Add wall-mounted shelving: if you’re in need of additional storage, consider adding a few wall-mounted shelves. You could add books, small accessories, etc. A few favorite resources for shelves: West Elm // CB2 // Ikea // The Container Store 

Advice for the space:

  • Switch out one nightstand: Disclaimer: I love those nightstands, I just think you might be able to re-purpose one (entry table, accent table next to a chair or sofa, etc) and replace it with a larger piece of furniture. If you take away the nightstand closest to the mirror and replace it with a taller, longer, simple desk, it could add visual interest to the space and help fill the empty corner. A desk could duel-function as a nightstand and could also be a great little spot to get ready in the morning, or to display art, jewelry, etc.


  • Add furniture: if you keep both nightstands in place, perhaps add a tall bookshelf in the corner, a comfortable accent chair or even a tall plant to help fill the space. Do keep height in mind. Anything with a bit of height will really help fill the space and not make the ceilings look so far away.


  • Purchase a rug: this will be the easiest way to warm up the space. It looks like you have a couple neutral elements in the room right now, so a rug with pattern will really bring visual interest and personality to the space.

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