Quick Closet Organization

While most of my closet is quite organized, the top shelf became a catch-all for random items I was planning to sell, extra home decor options to save for future use, etc. I had plenty of space for these random items, but it started to look quite cluttered, especially when compared with the rest of the closet.

2015-03-14 19.03.04 2015-03-14 19.03.10 2015-03-14 19.03.13 2015-03-14 19.03.27 2015-03-14 19.03.32

So, I decided to find a different storage solution (other than the Ikea blue shopping bags)… a couple big Ikea bins! Much more uniform looking and contained. 2015-03-14 19.04.02

Three bins later, I had plenty of storage for the extra items floating around the top shelf of my closet. 2015-03-14 19.12.38


Apologies for these terrible “after” photos, but the top of a closet isn’t the most glamorous or cooperative space to photograph…  but I promise it does look much better and more organized in person! And the bins were very affordable, as per Ikea standards. 2015-03-22 14.11.25 2015-03-22 14.11.36

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