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DIY Painted Entry Table: Pt 1 | Studio Style Blog
3.3.15 4

DIY Painted Entry Table: Pt 1

Remember the table from my Vintage Finds post? I bought this table a couple months ago and loved the design and form but not the powder blue color. So I’m painting it high-gloss black instead! Read on below for tons of pictures and step by step instructions for the entire process.

2015-01-20 15.41.04

After a trip to the hardware store, I was all ready to start the DIY process!

2015-02-24 17.59.26

I bought Killz Latex primer and Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel (High Gloss Black) as well as a few brushes, sponge and roller. 2015-02-24 17.59.31

Doing a painting project inside a studio apartment was a bit unnerving, but I moved some furniture around and used a cardboard box and an old moving blanket to prevent spills and paint drips.

2015-02-24 18.48.56

Next step: open a window! The paint and primer didn’t seem too overwhelming with chemicals or anything, but better to be safe.2015-02-24 18.49.39

There’s a little hidden drawer in the table, so I removed the hardware and used it to test my first coat of primer on. 2015-02-24 18.57.43

One last step before the priming begins… a glass of vino! 2015-02-24 19.00.32

I initially did a really quick and light coat of primer to test before moving onto the table:2015-02-24 19.10.16

Starting at the top, I did the intricate pieces first with a small brush and sponge:

2015-02-24 19.59.28

I then used the small roller for the rest of the table and filled in any other little spots with the small brush:

2015-02-24 21.45.25 2015-02-24 21.45.28

First coat of primer complete:2015-02-24 21.59.23

Second coat of primer. This was really quick to dry so I did two coats in the same night. 2015-02-24 23.02.07

Last look before I called it quits for the night:2015-02-24 23.02.13

Soaking brushes and rollers to remove all of the primer so I could use them again the next day with the black high-gloss paint:2015-02-24 23.07.38

Stay tuned next Tuesday for the second (and final) part of this post and the new table reveal! 2015-02-25 18.09.21

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