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Four Easy Steps to Organize Your Mail Mess | Studio Style Blog

Four Easy Steps to Organize Your Mail Mess

Every couple of weeks, I make sure to do these simple steps to avoid a total pile up of mail and paperwork… although I should start doing it once a week! Anyway, I’ve found that these four steps are a foolproof way to quickly sort through catalogs, coupons, and other paperwork lying around.

Here are a few before photos of my mail and paperwork that have outgrown my lovely letter sorters and bins around the apartment:

2015-02-10 16.41.55 2015-02-10 16.42.30 2015-02-10 16.43.24

I gathered them all together, along with an empty trash can to begin the process:2015-02-10 16.45.10


1. Sort: Gather everything in one place, and make piles for everything: trash/recycle, coupons to save, bills to pay, paperwork to file, notes to follow up on, etc.

2. Toss: Recycle anything you don’t need: expired coupons, paid bills, old catalogs, fliers, finished to-do lists, etc.

3. File: File any important items you’ll be using soon and keep them at the front of your bin, organizer, letter sorter, etc. Bills due soon, coupons to use, prescriptions to fill, take out menus, etc.

4. Save: Any remaining items that went into your ‘save’ pile that you want to keep but don’t immediately need. For example: completed tax documents, paystubs, etc. Save those somewhere separate (and safe) in your home or apartment where you can access later if needed but they also won’t be piled up among your everyday items on the counter, entryway table, etc.

After photos: large pile to be recycled in the bin, along with a manageable amount in my letter sorters.

2015-02-10 17.10.14 2015-02-10 17.13.43 2015-02-10 17.14.51  2015-02-10 17.15.41

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