No Fuss Trick to Putting on Your Duvet Cover

First little tip: if you’re overzealous about tying the cover tight on the duvet and realize you can’t untie it when it’s time for laundry… use a pointed nail file to loosen the knot and you’ll have it untied in no time! 2015-02-10 11.53.05


1. After laundry…. lay out the duvet flat on the bed2015-02-10 16.34.41

2. Lay your duvet cover (inside out) on top of the duvet2015-02-10 17.35.31

3. Start with one of the corners near the duvet cover opening and line it up with the edge of the duvet2015-02-10 17.38.50

4. Fold the duvet over the corner, so the fabric shows the right side up2015-02-10 17.39.20

5. Tie your first corner to the duvet 2015-02-10 17.39.40

6. Repeat with the other corner near the duvet cover opening2015-02-10 17.40.05

7. Gather the duvet cover around the duvet at both corners, pulling until they are no longer ‘inside out’2015-02-10 17.41.30

8. Lift up both the duvet and cover and turn it over2015-02-10 17.44.19

9. Start positioning the duvet inside the rest of the cover as the correct side of the fabric slowly reveals itself and tie the last two remaining corners onto the duvet cover2015-02-10 17.45.59

10. Make sure the buttons or closure of your duvet cover is positioned at the bottom of the bed 2015-02-10 17.48.19

11. Fasten the cover closed 2015-02-10 17.49.47 2015-02-10 17.51.17

12. And you’re done! Smooth out the rest of the duvet and proceed with however you usually make your bed2015-02-10 17.59.52  2015-02-10 18.46.34

Hope this trick makes the process easier for everyone! I can’t remember where I first heard about it, but it’s been a huge time saver.

PS- After many inquiries, the duvet cover is from West Elm.

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