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Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume I | Studio Style Blog
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Ask Studio Style Blog: Volume I

My first installment of Ask Studio Style Blog has arrived! As I mentioned before, please email me your questions (studiostyleblog@gmail.com)  and I’ll answer them on the blog! These don’t have to be limited to studio apartment questions, just FYI.

Gia in Baltimore asks:

I just moved into a studio apartment in Baltimore. I was just wondering how you affixed the cover around your bed. How did you hang it? Where did you get the materials from?
Also, I’m having so much trouble finding a sofa bed that is a decent size, not too big. I want guests to have a place to sleep if they visit. I’ve been scouring your blog for inspiration and ideas and would love any extra input you can provide. Thank you.
2014-11-09 14.23.16
2014-11-09 14.21.04
Part One: 
I used Ikea’s Dignitet system to hang the curtains around my bed. I purchased two sets of these and one of these. I ended up with more than I needed, but better to have a bit of extra wiring and materials. I also suggest taping (masking tape is easiest) around your space before installing the system to get a feel for how high you want your curtains and how close or far away you want them hanging from your bed. My curtains (I used seven panels) are from World Market and can be purchased here.
1. Measure and tape around the area
2. Drill holes on the wall an inch or two from the ceiling where you want curtains to start and end. Drill holes in ceiling for corner piece where the curtains will ‘turn’
3. Install Dignitet system per Ikea instructions
4. Tie on curtains and you’re done! If you don’t choose tie-ons, you’ll need to hang them on the wire before installing the system, obviously.
You’ll need a power drill and a helper! This is definitely a two person job.
Part two:
Stylish, affordable sleeper sofas are definitely more difficult to find. I bought mine at Club Furniture and absolutely love it. The price tag is fairly high, but I’ll have it for years to come, it’s holding up really well after two years and the bed is great for guests to use several times a year.
2015-01-24 15.51.06
A few additional options for sleeper sofas are below:
This one from Ikea is a new version of one I had in one of my first DC apartments and left behind with an old roommate but it’s a good sleeper sofa at a decent price.
This one from Wayfair is a really affordable option and has great reviews.
Macy’s has a stylish option that’s on sale right now, though I can’t speak to the quality.
At the top of the price range, this option from West Elm is one of my favorites and comes in several colors. West Elm makes really quality pieces and I’m sure this is no exception.
West Elm

Hope that helps and thanks for emailing Studio Style Blog!

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