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Kitchen Drawer Organization with Boxes | Studio Style Blog
2.10.15 2

Kitchen Drawer Organization with Boxes

I used to recycle all of my old birchboxes, but they’ve been so adorable lately that I’ve kept a few around in hopes that I’d find a way to reuse them. Along with a simple but gorgeous West Elm box, I realized they would all be perfect for my kitchen spice/junk/bar accessories drawer. I had 8 separate little containers (lids included) with these boxes, so I shifted a few things around in my kitchen drawer and went on an organizing mission. 2015-02-09 15.42.45

Before: I had a few organizers already in the drawer, but the overflow was still creating a messy and unorganized overall look. Another quick tip: using an Ikea utensil organizer for my spices is one of my favorite random ideas and works so well. 2015-02-09 15.43.08

After:2015-02-09 16.53.242015-02-09 16.53.302015-02-09 15.50.422015-02-09 15.50.59

I love how it turned out! Much more organized and functional. I ended up using five out of the eight containers, so I’ll have to find another clever way to utilize the other three. And I’ll definitely start hanging on to (hoarding) the rest of my future birchboxes and any other small boxes for future use. Identifying the containers with labels from labelcity.com is also a great way to be sure that everything goes back in its same place. Such a fun, easy way to get organized!

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