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DIY Painted Vase | Studio Style Blog

DIY Painted Vase

My old vase sitting on the island as a catch-all was getting boring and overly stuffed to the brim, so I decided to bring out the leftover paint from my nightstand. This was a quick and easy DIY project and I love the end result! Brings new life to a plain little vase and was completely free- already had the paint, brush and vase on hand. Photos and step by step tutorial below:

2014-11-06 16.05.18

Items needed: vase, paint (and stirrer), brush and a surface to work on (I went with a restoration hardware catalog) 
2014-11-06 16.12.22

Start with the vase upside down and paint the top first, then the sides (I did two coats and let each dry in between):
2014-11-06 16.19.55

After the second coat is dry, flip it over:
2014-11-06 17.12.01

Side note: a little trick while you’re waiting for paint to dry: put the brush in a cup filled with water, soap and a splash of nail polish remover:
2014-11-06 17.17.11 2014-11-06 17.21.18

The paint comes off with zero effort and the brush is clean in no time! 
2014-11-06 17.26.02

End result! I also painted the inside of the vase with one light coat: 
2014-11-06 22.05.35

This also gave me an excuse to clean up the ridiculous number of items stuffed into the vase:
2014-11-07 20.27.55 2014-11-07 20.28.32  2014-11-07 20.29.08

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