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New Apartment: Closet Organization Part Two | Studio Style Blog
11.3.14 1

New Apartment: Closet Organization Part Two

Happy Monday! As with closet one, I organized my second closet months ago, but finally had a chance to take photos and put together this post! Unfortunately, I wasn’t too great about taking before photos of this closet and the ones I did take are blurry, but oh well. This is a much smaller closet than my main one, so I primarily use it for out of season clothes, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and other storage. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice and organized, too! I adjusted the height of a couple built-in shelves and removed a few shelves to accommodate my things. The rest was fairly easy, and now I have space for guests to store luggage and hang clothes when they come to visit!


2014-08-23 15.49.162014-08-23 15.49.20

After:   2014-08-23 16.22.50 2014-08-23 17.13.09 2014-08-23 17.13.212014-09-01 19.29.36 2014-09-01 19.29.46 2014-09-01 19.29.57

PS- This closet wouldn’t be half as organized without all of the bins- I highly recommend purchasing bins in several sizes for your own closets if you’re looking to get organized.

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