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Cleaning Up the Cords | Studio Style Blog

Cleaning Up the Cords

Another one of my must-do projects that is finally checked off the list: reconfiguring the cable and internet cords and equipment back into the first drawer of the dresser like I did in my last apartment. This time around, I added one more challenge to the mix. Including the ugly power strip in the drawer as well.

The initial mess looked like this for the first couple weeks after I moved in the new apartment:


2014-09-07 17.24.27 2014-09-07 17.24.32


Not a great look. So I unplugged everything and used the photos I took in my last apartment to be sure I reattached all of the cords and wires correctly.

2014-09-07 17.30.10

I thought I plugged everything in correctly and the tivo turned on without incident, my wireless was back, and I thought I was golden until I turned on the TV. Everything was a bit green. Was thrown off for a minute, but realized one of the colored cords wasn’t all the way plugged in- problem solved!

2014-09-07 18.15.42

Believe it or not, this little dresser drawer holds my tivo box, power strip, router, modem, dvd player and all the cords! I highly recommend this system. 2014-09-07 18.19.37

After result:

2014-09-07 18.21.13 2014-09-07 18.25.23

Feels great to have one more project checked off the list, and most importantly, almost entirely cord-free!


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