How to: Style a Bookshelf

Continuing on with another post involving projects with friends, I recently styled a bookshelf for my friend (in the DC area, so I could actually do it in person)  in her studio apartment.  I helped her pick out a couple of items from World Market (the gorgeous bookshelf is also from WM) and utilized a few items already in the apartment.

She had a good base to start with and I just rearranged a few items, added and removed others and a few minutes later, we were done!


2014-09-06 17.51.56



2014-09-06 18.36.57
2014-09-06 18.24.08


2014-09-06 18.37.16


2014-09-06 18.37.23


Most of my tips when styling a bookshelf involve variety, height and visual interest:

  • Stack books horizontally rather than vertically to create an appealing look and add height to each shelf.
  • Arrange the taller items on the outer edges of each shelf to draw the eye outwards and make each shelf look wide and expansive.
  • Group items in three or four clusters on each shelf. Depending on the size of your bookshelf, you might want to adjust the number of clusters.
  • Find a balance between over cluttered and sparse. You want each shelf to look “full” but too many items can look messy and distract attention away from all of your beautiful accessories!

Hope this helps those of you looking to style your own bookshelves!

PS- If you’re looking for delicious recipes, check out her blog here.

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