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New Apartment Plans | Studio Style Blog

New Apartment Plans

I’ve just started the packing process for my upcoming move but I already have ideas floating around in my head for my new apartment. No doubt, it’s upgraded and I don’t have to make as many changes to this new apartment as I have with my current one, but I do want to put my own personal stamp on a few elements.

I replaced all of the kitchen hardware in my current apartment and the kitchen in my new apartment has new cabinets, appliances, backsplash, countertops, etc. I love my current brass knobs so much, but I know they won’t fit with the size of the knobs and cabinets in my new kitchen. So… I think I’ll try to repurpose and/or sell my current brass knobs and get new brass pulls to fit in the new kitchen. My two current favorites are below.

For the drawers:

new kitchen


For the cabinets:

new kitchen


Another one of my favorite projects in my current apartment was my gold polka dot  entryway. I can’t use the same decals again after I peel them off, but I loved the look every time I walked in and out of the apartment so I want to do something similar in my new place. I found this on pinterest and will probably do something similar.

Gold Triangle Decal Wall Art put on that one column


I know there will be many more projects, ideas, and DIYs in the new place so stay tuned!

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