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Fixer Upper: The Story of My Nightstand | Studio Style Blog
5.12.14 3

Fixer Upper: The Story of My Nightstand

Many of you have seen my nightstand in several posts around the blog but I’ve never divulged into the story behind it.

My apartment building has a wonderful server where you can buy and sell things from other residents. An exclusive craigslist to our complex, if you will. I used to have the grey Ikea Raskog cart as my nightstand but wanted to eventually replace it with something more traditional. I noticed a listing last year on the server about a bunch of side tables and pottery barn furniture. I contacted the seller and went to go take a peek at her items for sale. She was selling two side tables as a set but I didn’t really have a need for two and was looking for something a bit different. While browsing around, she casually mentioned that she had another piece that she would sell if I wanted, but warned that it had a bit of damage.

Enter: my wonderful nightstand! At the time, it was being used as storage in the bedroom rather than a nightstand but the damage was pretty obvious. An accidental spill of nail polish remover lead to a big spot of stripped paint on the main surface of the nightstand. Minus that, the piece was in excellent condition otherwise and only a year old. Originally retailed for $250 at pottery barn, she sold it to me for $100. I was slightly unsure how I was going to fix or hide the eyesore, but I knew it was a great deal so I had to jump on it.

2013-08-05 19.04.15

My first instinct was just to cover the spot with an accessory and live with it.

2013-08-05 19.30.23

Then I heard about Ace Hardware having a promotion last summer for a free quart of paint. I took one of the knobs off the nightstand and had Ace match the color for free and got a free quart of paint. I spent about $5 on a couple brush options and walked out.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really not a huge DIY-er and would rather tackle small, easy projects. I was hesitant about painting the spot, but figured I had nothing to lose. A couple coats later, the spot was barely noticeable and I managed to blend in the color-matched paint with the nightstand almost seamlessly!

2014-05-11 18.45.17 2014-05-11 18.45.39

So for $105, I now have a sturdy, stylish, quality-made nightstand that retailed for $250 at Pottery Barn. It remains one of my favorite pieces in the entire apartment and I’m so glad I jumped at the random chance to purchase it.

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