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Miracle Grout Pen | Studio Style Blog
5.5.14 3

Miracle Grout Pen

Inspired by Young House Love and Apartment Therapy, I decided to give the miracle grout pen a try. My rental bathroom is in great shape and I love the vintage black and white tile. However, the grout was in serious need of TLC. I’ve tried scrubbing, spraying, cleaning and nothing will get rid of the dingy, dirty look:

2014-04-19 20.18.29

Enter: the miracle grout pen (that’s really the name of the product). I’ve heard positive reviews and it was under $15 so I figured I had nothing to lose.


Starting off with the icky before pictures (I swear, it’s clean. Just looks dirty and gross)

2014-04-19 20.17.53 2014-04-19 20.18.02 2014-04-19 20.18.10 2014-04-19 20.18.23  2014-04-19 20.18.38 2014-04-19 20.18.41

I started off with one test square to make sure it would work and the results were amazing!

2014-04-24 20.32.08

I applied it all from the furthest corner of the bathroom and worked my way across and out. Then I let it dry for a couple hours and went back with q-tips and nail polish remover to tidy up any spots I made on the black diamond tile (if you look closely below you can tell) and any other mistakes.

2014-05-03 18.45.50

2014-05-03 20.49.54

Finished product! It’s not totally perfect and some areas look better than others but it’s a huge improvement from where I started. And it finally looks clean. Overall, an easy, affordable solution and only took about two hours (not including drying time).

2014-05-03 21.56.01
Before (left) and After (right)


2014-05-03 21.18.30 2014-05-03 21.18.17 2014-05-03 21.18.22  2014-05-03 21.18.13

I would definitely recommend this if your grout is looking dingy and dirty!

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