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DIY: Marble Dishwasher Cover | Studio Style Blog
4.11.14 2

DIY: Marble Dishwasher Cover

I had a ton of marble contact paper left after yesterday’s project so I wanted to find a creative way to use the rest.

After staring at my kitchen for a couple minutes, I remembered a recent post on Young House Love where they switched out the panel on their dishwasher.

That spurred on the crazy idea to apply the marble contact paper on my own dishwasher. I measured to make sure I had enough and figured I had nothing to lose. Here’s the before photo (yes, I have a very tiny apartment-sized dishwasher):

2014-04-02 19.25.57


2014-04-02 20.26.49 2014-04-02 20.29.11

Surprisingly, I love how it turned out! And it’s stood the test of several cycles running the dishwasher. I was afraid the contact paper might peel off if the dishwasher got too hot, but it looks like it’s here to stay. My kitchen used to be one of my least favorite rooms in the apartment but it’s quickly making its way to the top with these updates.

One last before and after which includes the new brass knobs and the marble additions:


2014-04-02 20.34.13

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(Check out my marble utensil crock DIY here)

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