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Phase Five: One Week Before Moving | Studio Style Blog
3.4.14 3

Phase Five: One Week Before Moving

One week before moving: don’t let the panic set in! 

By now, you should have:

-Perfect apartment/house to move into!

-Furniture, storage, accessories

-Time reserved for loading docks/parking at each location

-Movers booked or friends/family scheduled to help on moving day

-Current place cleaned out: unwanted/unused items donated, sold or thrown away

What’s left to do:

-Start packing! Box up everything except for what you’ll need in the immediate week. Leave out a week’s worth of clothes, toiletries, and a few cooking/kitchen items to get you through to moving day.

-Set up cable/internet installation at your new place- ideally for moving day or the next day so you’re not stranded without internet/TV for too long!

-Call to confirm timing of movers, making sure they will show up at correct time and address/send a friendly reminder to friends/family that have committed to helping you out- incentivizing with food and wine/beer always helps!

-If you have access to your new place a few days before moving in, make time to clean it while it’s empty.

-Along with cleaning before you move, figure out where your furniture will go: this will make moving day/subsequent week after much easier.

-If you have access to your new place and a bit of extra time, stock up on groceries, refreshments, cocktails (particularly necessary for stressful moving) for your first few days in the new place. A couple days before I moved into my current place, I made a trip to Whole Foods for groceries, beer, wine and left it all at the new place so it would be there when I arrived.

All of these steps and preparation ahead of time will make the moving process much smoother and less stressful.

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