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Phase Four: One Month Before Moving | Studio Style Blog
2.28.14 5

Phase Four: One Month Before Moving

Happy Friday! Hope the moving guide has been helpful so far- five more posts next week!

2013-02-25 21.28.04
A few days before I moved out of old apartment.

As I mentioned in previous posts, you might not have the timeline to do these things one month, two months, etc from your moving date. Best case scenario… if you do, start browsing for furniture, booking movers (or asking if friends/family are available to help on moving day), outlining a shopping budget, etc about one month before you move.

  • Take “inventory” of what pieces of furniture, accessories you already have (that you plan to take with you to next place).
  • If there are items you don’t use in your current place, don’t move them to your new place. Find a new home for them before you move so your load is a bit lighter. Moving is the perfect opportunity/excuse to get rid of, donate, or sell unwanted things taking up space in your home.
  • After taking inventory of what you already have, make a list of what you will need to purchase for new place. I recommend buying most everything you need before you move, (if you have space to store for a couple weeks) especially for city dwellers like myself. This way, you’ll have everything you need at one time and won’t need to go hunting for furniture, pay extra delivery fees, or rent another u-haul, etc. Moving is stressful and exhausting enough, better just to get it done all at once rather than dragging out the process any longer at your new place.
  • Create a moving budget: how much you’re willing/able to spend on furniture, accessories, moving service (or rent a u-haul truck yourself with a few other people to help out and cut down costs). Keep track of the budget as you go so you don’t find yourself with a giant credit card bill after it’s all over.

Check back on Monday for a complete shopping checklist and where to find stylish furniture on a budget! The big items, accessories and all the little things you’ll need before you move.

2013-02-28 22.34.39
First night in new apartment. Just slightly overwhelming.


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