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Phase One: Looking for Your New Place | Studio Style Blog
2.25.14 9

Phase One: Looking for Your New Place

Welcome to the Moving Guide series! Kicking things off with phase one- looking for your new place.

Start the search. First step: don’t go out and look at places. That’s for later. Just grab your computer.

Ideally: you’ll start on this step about 1-2 months before you need to move 

1. Know what you want. Know your dealbreakers.
-Location, neighborhood, proximity to restaurants, shops, (monuments?)
-Price range?
-Access to public transportation (if you don’t need a car in the city like me)?
-Commute to work?
-Living by yourself, with a significant other or will you need to find a roommate?
-What kind of space do you want to live in? Apartment building with amenities, townhouse in the suburbs, large group house with roommates, one bedroom, studio, etc.
-Timeline of when you have to move in.

Credit: Studio Style Blog
Credit: Studio Style Blog

2. Start exploring.

-Use resources like craigslist and padmapper (my favorite) to find listings in your desired location, price range, etc.

Credit: Studio Style Blog
Credit: Studio Style Blog

3. Make a list and a few phone calls.

-With the information from #1 and #2, make a list of places you like enough to visit in person.
-Call the number for each place you want to visit. Some are walk in, many are appointment only, open house, etc. This will save you a lot of time so you don’t end up visiting a place that isn’t open or requires appointments in advance.

2014-02-08 13.01.47
Credit: Studio Style Blog

4. Start your apartment hunt on foot!

-And check back tomorrow for phase two: what to ask, look for, etc when you get there!

2013-12-14 11.12.29
Credit: Studio Style Blog

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