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Renter Problems: Why I Hate Overhead Lighting | Studio Style Blog
2.21.14 3

Renter Problems: Why I Hate Overhead Lighting

First, let it be known that I love overhead lighting- just not the renter version. Ugly, bulky, terrible florescent lighting that you might find in a waiting room at a doctor’s office. Not pleasant.

I’ve made as many changes to my apartment as a renter is allowed, but I can’t escape the terrible lighting. Instead, I’ve chosen to ignore it completely and decorate/create ambiance with beautiful lamps and other lighting solutions.

Fortunately, my place has fantastic natural lighting and plenty of windows, so on a sunny day, there’s virtually no need for lamps or overhead lighting of any kind. On a cloudy day or at night, the lamps work their magic.

 I told you they were terrible:2014-02-20 17.25.53

Now, for the solution: lamps. Many, many lamps. 

2014-02-19 19.54.04
Bathroom lamp! You might notice that this particular one used to be in the kitchen but I made a little switch. Also, no, I don’t get ready like this in the morning, but it is nice to have on at night.
2014-02-19 19.53.20
Beautiful brass lamp #1, side of the couch.
2014-02-19 19.53.08
Beautiful brass lamp #2, other side of the couch.
2014-02-19 19.52.56
Ikea lamp next to the bar that I transformed with my wonderful gold leaf pen.
2014-02-19 19.52.44
Another Ikea lamp to light up the little office area and behind the TV.
2014-02-19 19.52.18
One of my favorites, the mint lamp on my nightstand.
2014-02-19 19.50.18
Kitchen solution 1: under cabinet lighting. Bought cheap little lights on amazon and used command strips to attach.
2014-02-19 19.49.03
Taking advantage of my little under microwave light!
2014-02-19 19.49.19
Finally, another DIY ikea lamp: covered in gold striped washi tape to complete the lighting trifecta.
2014-02-19 19.50.10
This is the kitchen at night with zero overhead lighting. Not bad, right?
2014-02-19 19.57.51
Last shot of apartment at night with zero overhead lighting turned on. All lamps.

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