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Closet Makeover: Part One | Studio Style Blog
2.14.14 4

Closet Makeover: Part One

Closet 1:

Remember this? My TV Stand/Dresser Switch Up….
Phase one: purple dresser in closet, TV stand in living area
Phase two: purple dresser as TV stand, TV stand as dresser

Obligatory before/after. Still can't believe I thought this was a good plan late on a Thursday night.
Phase one: top left and bottom right; Phase two: top right, bottom left

And now, to really throw you for a loop…

Phase 3! 
TV Stand is in second closet (more to come in Monday’s Pt 2 closet post)
Black and white storage that was once in closet #2 is now in #1 and I purchased one more piece of hanging storage to complete the switch.

2014-02-05 19.26.57

This was the previous solution for my clothes… not ideal but I love the dresser as tv stand idea so much that I refused to switch it back.

Pajamas, sweats, leggings, t-shirts all crammed and very few items were accessible.


2014-02-05 19.42.37
Room for everything. And much more accessible than the last attempt at making the TV stand work.
2014-02-05 19.29.47
Leggings and pajamas go in this unit.
2014-02-05 19.42.44
Space for sweats, leggings, workout clothes in unit #2
2014-02-05 19.42.41
Also space for my ridiculous collection of Nike shorts, and college t-shirts in unit #2.

2014-02-05 19.45.46


2014-02-05 19.47.21
I may or may not have been standing on top of the toilet to get this photo 🙂

2014-02-05 19.46.33                  2014-02-05 19.31.01

2014-02-05 19.31.07
Storage for travel toiletries, extra toilet paper, shampoo, hair products, etc. I like to have a couple extra everyday items in storage so when I realize I’m out I don’t have to run to the drugstore at the last minute.

2014-02-05 19.46.45

2014-02-05 19.31.15
Leftover adhesive cork from my mail project in the kitchen so I stacked three boards here for some cute postcards and mementos.
2014-02-05 19.32.02
More great usage for my second Ikea raskog cart! Everyday essentials on the top, vitamins, medicine, bandaids, etc on the bottom two shelves.

2014-02-05 19.26.06

2014-02-05 19.26.28
More office supplies, storage and wireless printer kept on this bookshelf in the closet so I can keep my tiny desk nice and tidy.

2014-02-05 19.26.25

That’s all for Closet #1! Look out for new post on Monday for the rest of the makeover with Closet #2!

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