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App Obsession: Waterlogue | Studio Style Blog
2.7.14 3

App Obsession: Waterlogue

Let me preface this by stating that I never buy iphone apps. I only download the free ones because I think it’s a waste of money (I’d rather buy a throw pillow than a couple of games) but this one changed my mind:


I could spend hours on this amazing tool… and given a bit more free time, I probably would.

I’ve only done a couple ‘paintings’ so far but I’m loving the results. Interiors and travel photos are probably my favorites at the moment.

Painted in Waterlogue
My apartment!
Painted in Waterlogue
Even my nightstand looks like a work of art.
Painted in Waterlogue
Recent photo I took at the National Cathedral in DC. This is on the detailed setting.
Painted in Waterlogue
National Cathedral on natural setting.
Painted in Waterlogue
My desk
Painted in Waterlogue
Old photo of my bar area!
Painted in Waterlogue
Photo I took on my most recent trip to NYC.
Painted in Waterlogue
White House
Painted in Waterlogue
Christmas time at the Capitol.
Painted in Waterlogue
My gold polka dot entryway.
Painted in Waterlogue
Dining area.

(all original photos taken by me; ‘painted’ by Waterlogue app)

I’m thinking I might even get a few printed!

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  1. Jeff wrote:

    I loved your images. You have a good eye for composition and this goes a long way toward having a striking result in Waterlogue. I’ve spent quite a few hours converting images and combing through my library for candidates. The app transforms a solid but not sensational photo into an emotional, visually engrossing and personal work (at least to me). Amazing. Glad to see others are obsessed with it too and not just me nerding out.

    Published 10.2.14
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