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DIY: Washi Tape on Ikea Kassett Storage | Studio Style Blog

DIY: Washi Tape on Ikea Kassett Storage

I had a successful run with my last washi tape project… (despite not being a DIY gal) so I decided to try another!

(First project here)

I’ve had a bunch of black Kassett boxes for storage and they were looking a little worn out and boring on the shelf in my closet so I decided to give them a quick washi tape makeover!

Before shot:

2014-01-10 20.21.51 2014-01-10 20.21.57  2014-01-10 20.25.40


2014-01-10 21.22.10 2014-01-10 21.22.19   2014-01-10 21.22.35  2014-01-10 21.22.58  2014-01-10 21.23.15 2014-01-10 21.24.17   2014-01-10 21.25.44 2014-01-10 21.25.53   2014-01-10 21.26.18

Much improved, don’t you think? Quick, cheap, and adorable upgrade!

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