Vintage Finds at Miss Pixie’s: Pt 2

On my recent visit to Miss Pixie’s, I found a tray, two metal tins and three vintage disco ornaments… all for $25 total!

2013-12-05 20.12.29-2

My desk was in need of holiday cheer, so I put the ornaments in a tall vase. 2013-12-05 20.34.58     2013-12-05 20.28.24

Tray went on the bar.

2013-12-06 23.23.52 2013-12-06 23.23.42  2013-12-06 23.23.37

Metal tins in the bathroom, filled with candles.2013-12-06 23.23.14  2013-12-06 23.23.08 2013-12-06 23.23.03

Always have such a great time browsing at Miss Pixie’s and never leave empty handed!

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