Favorite finds for $20 or less!

A couple of my favorite things around my apartment for $20 or under. All available online!

Tablet stand for kitchen:

Credit: Amazon
$17 (list price $39.99)
Great for kitchen to follow recipes while cooking and wand helps scroll without getting food, sauce, etc all over my iPad mini!

Metal bendy straws:

Metal Bendy Straws

Credit: West Elm

On sale right now! $19 for set of 8
Dishwasher safe! Adorable and fun addition to cocktail, water or juice, soda, etc. Metal instantly gets cold when you put the straw in a drink.

Gold leaf vase (glass):

Credit: Jayson Home


Technically it’s a glass but I’m going to use it as a small vase! Just arrived at my place yesterday so I need to get flowers this weekend to add to it! Will go perfectly on my coffee table.

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