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Washi Tape Projects | Studio Style Blog
10.8.13 4

Washi Tape Projects

To preface this: I enjoy browsing around Pinterest, but I am in no way a DIY-er. I don’t have the crafty gene or the patience for those kind of projects. But when I found one that might actually be idiot-proof (me), I decided to give it a try.

Washi Tape!

2013-09-25 18.46.21

Ordered a couple rolls (only around $10 for all) from thisĀ Etsy shop.

I decided to do two Ikea lamps and the inside of my kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets turned out great!


Lamp from Ikea- decided to use gold striped tape with silver base. Mixing “metals” like this is all the rage right now so I went for it. Not perfect but I still love it. Improvement from the boring shade of white before.

2013-09-25 18.55.122013-10-08 20.10.55

Second lamp from Ikea- turned out adorable but I’m having issues with it actually sticking to the lamp base. I’m guessing the base material is just more resistant to the tape than the paper lamp shade or the wooden cabinets. Oh well. 2/3 isn’t bad.

2013-09-25 19.49.16

I also have another Washi project on my list. Decorating Ikea boxes and magazine holders with tape.

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