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Upgrades! | Studio Style Blog
9.21.13 1


I moved in my studio apartment in March, and I can’t believe it’s already been over 6 months! This summer, I made a couple of changes and upgrades to the apartment.

Check it out below:

2013-09-14 18.48.05
Moved the bar to another area of the apartment. Added more frames and re-styled the window ledge.
2013-09-14 18.48.45
New home for the bar! And a couple of new items on it as well. Now that it’s away from the window, I think it stands out more in this spot rather than being crammed next to dining table.
2013-09-14 18.53.41
Close up of window ledge. Photos with family and friends, cherry blossoms, and framed prints.
2013-09-14 18.54.05
Another angle.
2013-09-14 18.56.28
Before (top) and After (bottom)
2013-09-14 19.01.14
New nightstand and lamp! Before (left), After (right)
2013-09-14 19.04.04
New bar placement- before (left), after (right)
2013-09-14 19.11.53
Bathroom cart reorganized and cleaned up a bit. Before (left), After (right)
2013-09-14 19.15.55
New rug for the kitchen! From West Elm online sale. Before (top), After (bottom)


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