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Making the most of a studio apartment | Studio Style Blog
9.21.13 3

Making the most of a studio apartment

This being my first studio apartment, I looked at blogs and design sites for ideas on how to maximize my space. I didn’t want the feeling of living in my bedroom, so I had to arrange furniture to best fit the space.

Before moving in, I measured all of my furniture pieces and every corner of the new apartment. Then I spent one Saturday afternoon with a large roll of masking tape to figure out where I should put my furniture. This trick worked really well and allowed me to visualize everything without having to physically drag a bed or a couch around the apartment.

Here’s what it looked like with tape:

2013-02-23 16.49.38 2013-02-23 16.49.35 2013-02-23 16.49.25 2013-02-23 16.49.19

And initial stages with furniture:
2013-03-17 01.47.40 2013-03-10 22.25.28 2013-03-15 13.43.482013-03-11 19.31.49

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  1. Smart girl with the tape!

    Published 9.22.13
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