Check Out Genevieve Gorder’s New Magazine

My long time favorite designer, Genevieve Gorder, has a new magazine out! It’s free for your iphone or ipad: download here. 



The layout is fantastic and the whole magazine is full of great content. I guarantee any design-nerds like myself will love it!

PS: Check out my interviews with Genevieve here.





Quick Kitchen Cabinet Organization

When I first moved in, I wanted to get everything unpacked and out of the boxes and figure out how to organize it all later. Well now it’s officially “later” and the cabinets were driving me crazy. Finally had a chance to organize and rearrange a few things and now I can find everything and access it easily!



2014-09-07 16.52.25 2014-09-07 16.52.45


After: 2014-09-07 17.12.002014-09-07 17.12.25 2014-09-07 17.12.41 2014-09-07 17.12.47


Small Space Solutions: Bathroom Train Rack

While I love my new bathroom, I had to come up with a new solution for towels with this configuration. In my old bathroom, I had a standard door where I utilized an over the door unit with a bunch of hooks to hold (and hide) all of my bathroom towels.

My new bathroom has a pocket sliding door… which eliminates my previous towel solution. I searched for a couple weeks for different styles of towel storage units… I didn’t want to take up any floor space, so that eliminated many possibilities. I wanted something compact and clean-looking and budget-friendly…

2014-09-10 19.40.49

Enter: the train rack.

They are usually seen at hotels rather than homes, but it was the best option for my situation. It took a bit of searching to find one that was the correct size and that wouldn’t set me back several hundred dollars. Apparently most run anywhere from $150-500. Insane. But, I did eventually find one on Amazon for much cheaper- $22 to be exact.

I gave one of the maintenance workers in my building$10 to install it for me (I’m the self-proclaimed buy-not DIY kind of person), and a few minutes later, I had this!

2014-09-01 13.19.39

Plenty of room for all of my large towels!
2014-09-10 19.46.01

And now my smaller towel bar is back to it’s intended use- holding my cute West Elm hand towels.
2014-09-10 19.46.43 2014-09-10 19.47.13 2014-09-10 19.47.51


It was a bit of a frustrating process trying to figure out a solution but after I came up with the train rack idea, it all worked out! Would definitely recommend this for any small-bathroom dwellers out there. Happy Friday and hope you all have a great weekend!



How to: Style a Bookshelf

Continuing on with another post involving projects with friends, I recently styled a bookshelf for my friend (in the DC area, so I could actually do it in person)  in her studio apartment.  I helped her pick out a couple of items from World Market (the gorgeous bookshelf is also from WM) and utilized a few items already in the apartment.

She had a good base to start with and I just rearranged a few items, added and removed others and a few minutes later, we were done!


2014-09-06 17.51.56



2014-09-06 18.36.57
2014-09-06 18.24.08


2014-09-06 18.37.16


2014-09-06 18.37.23


Most of my tips when styling a bookshelf involve variety, height and visual interest:

  • Stack books horizontally rather than vertically to create an appealing look and add height to each shelf.
  • Arrange the taller items on the outer edges of each shelf to draw the eye outwards and make each shelf look wide and expansive.
  • Group items in three or four clusters on each shelf. Depending on the size of your bookshelf, you might want to adjust the number of clusters.
  • Find a balance between over cluttered and sparse. You want each shelf to look “full” but too many items can look messy and distract attention away from all of your beautiful accessories!

Hope this helps those of you looking to style your own bookshelves!

PS- If you’re looking for delicious recipes, check out her blog here.


Closet Makeover: Austin, TX

Who says you can’t help out with a closet makeover roughly 1,500 miles away? My friend in Austin, Texas was in need of a closet redo and a couple organizing tools. Many pictures, emails, texts and updates later, her closet was completely transformed!

Before photos are below:

2014-09-05 07.26.09

photo 2 photo 5

We went over wants and needs for her closet and made sure to keep things affordable as well!

  • More storage
  • Organized layout
  • Seating
  • Shoes off the floor/more floor space
  • Making everything easily accessible

We decided to add a few storage elements to the closet. This adorable round storage from Home Goods is both functional and stylish.

2014-09-05 20.03.47

Additional storage shelving and bins on one of the closet shelves to get everything off the ground and organized:

2014-09-06 14.52.45

After she purchased the storage items, we played around with the layout of everything by texting pictures and ideas back and forth.

After photos:

2014-09-06 09.01.44  2014-09-06 14.52.13 2014-09-06 14.52.23    2014-09-06 21.18.05

2014-09-06 21.18.02

Now everything has a place and the floor space is visible! Hope this will inspire those of you with a similar situation. The most important tips to remember when organizing your own closet:

  • Utilize vertical storage- get everything off the ground
  • Hanging storage (on the back of the door) or bins on shelves are great for shoes, purses and other accessories in your closet
  • Look for items with a duel function- the round bench provides storage and a little place to sit to put on shoes, admire your new organized closet, etc.
  • Only keep what you need- don’t just organize- clean out your closet. Get rid of empty shoe boxes, donate clothes, etc.
  • Use every inch of your space- if you have lots of hanging storage and bars- use them! Hang everything possible. If you have a ton of shelving- fold things that don’t need to be on a hanger or use bins on shelves to keep everything contained. I had tons of bar space in my old apartment so I utilized a lot of hanging storage. In my new apartment, I have plenty of bar space but also gained a ton of built-in shelving. Stay tuned for my own closet organization on the blog soon.

All in all, a quick and easy transformation! A few storage pieces, a bit of organization and rearranging make a huge difference. As much as I wish I could have been there in person to see my wonderful friend and lend a hand, a virtual makeover was the best we could manage :)


Entryway Reveal: Gold Triangle Wall Decals

In my last apartment, I added gold polka dots to my entryway. I wanted to do something similar in my new apartment, but decided to go with triangles this time. I found this great shop on Etsy, Happy Valley Goods, and loved their connected triangle wall decals. I ordered them in gold (no surprise) and just finished adding them onto the walls a couple days ago. Spoiler alert: I love the result. Dare I say, even more so than the polka dots in my last place!

As with the dots, the triangles were easy to put on and the measuring took more time than actually placing the triangles on the walls.

Just a few things needed to complete the look!

  • Step stool
  • Tape measurer
  • Pencil
  • Decals


2014-09-01 17.41.57

I started at the top and measured the spacing between each decal and the height on the wall and made marks with the pencil (that could be easily erased later).

2014-09-01 16.32.34 2014-09-01 14.14.32-1    2014-09-01 16.34.33

After the top row was done, I decided to just estimate the rest of the triangles going down the walls. Each wall was a different size and each had a couple pieces of art so there wasn’t an exact number of inches or particular way I could calculate each section.

2014-09-01 16.57.32


2014-09-01 17.38.43

I  changed my mind a couple of times on this wall below but the great thing about the decals is that they just peel right off and I could adjust the placement easily when I realized they were too close together. This is the result of three tries:

2014-09-01 17.39.55

I got a handle on the spacing and applied the same technique to the remaining walls and was finished in no time!

Final results below!

2014-09-01 17.57.18

2014-09-01 17.57.24  2014-09-01 17.58.10 2014-09-01 17.58.31  2014-09-01 17.58.45 2014-09-01 17.58.53 2014-09-01 17.59.22  2014-09-01 18.00.45

There were a few triangles leftover and I had a random idea to put them on the little jut-out beam between my dining area and kitchen!



2014-09-01 18.20.37  2014-09-01 18.22.31

Check out the Happy Valley Goods shop here and purchase the connected triangle decals here.


*I received these decals at a discounted rate but all images and opinions are my own.