Macrame Wall Hanging

As I mentioned in previous posts, the credenza got a small makeover when I replaced my old TV. The screen size is the same but it appears much smaller and thinner on the credenza. I swapped out the lamps but the wall behind it was still feeling too big and blank. I knew I didn’t want another gallery wall or traditional framed art behind it though. I have plenty of that going on around the rest of the apartment.

Wall hangings are really coming back in style these days and I started browsing around online, only to discover they were either too large, too small, too expensive or just outside of my taste. I almost gave up on the search but noticed a gorgeous one on sale at Urban Outfitters! Check out the new look below.

 Before:ruyJD0nUjzvxWYTQzqjRrjFChRUB72FcsnVjJIj-1DU 3oPJHfag4CFsXJYZ73c8EzlumcJsE92U_9znzK8gP-4

I scored this beauty on sale and just checked Urban Outfitters again, still on sale, for 50% off! Many wall hangings these days can be several hundred dollars, so this is a great deal. (Not sponsored, just really love the piece and the price!)cdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERM5pu3cPURGfBPAZ5tlyDoQpA_Pl1Kp1PR9ewG2n7v4I8
It’s kind of perfectly imperfect, not quite straight on all sides but I think that’s why I like it so much. Each wall hanging is made individually, so they all have slightly unique variations. eiL35g7QNJPhnp8EXvNrYr5fCLJl_v0VadDbNBo5aKscdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERMwqhhhJ8TX4iq0mLKsKXrIsZADKB0iQJHZtGHdpOsFPUZLuvLcuI96GB0cbXiclJRmEqvJ0KEHL9wCHcqn229uo6dSFuixpZOV8WPIsJ37GF6-7-Rc1IyyxHXOH2qb4NK8fb00xxfYpd2FPJnoGh91E1ijjZjKeyKAWMjqilPZZ2Mr-jHrGusTFssQFBcokRJ61HJ4Qk0X20MUrFDuKFeljM

Month in Review: September

September was full of updates and progress around the apartment, organization tips, apartment tours and plenty of design-goodness. Check out the full recap below if you missed anything!

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Fall Round Up: Throw Pillows

Happy October! Now with the cooler weather, I’m finally  feeling in the Fall mood and ready to decorate. It’s my favorite season but I just couldn’t bring myself to get into it in early September when it was still 80-90 degrees outside.

I’ll be back with a September recap tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a round up of some of my favorite throw pillows for Fall. It’s a quick and easy way to update your decor without spending a fortune. These would look great all Fall and Winter long, and come Spring, they can be tucked away in storage and brought out again next Fall. You can shop for each pillow at the end of the post.
18850386 img2c img51o b4ec0905417963a81136ad8d7e6b012f 6a07206fb4b4af3075bea335ecacf97e 34136804_018_b img99c img37c img93c il_570xN.821959213_21cp il_570xN.560080430_mgpo il_570xN.789217897_koo3 17142019 7c3f9e3a425d829f1b6b550bbfcd1454

Shop the look:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14

Bar Styling

When I first moved in, the bar area looked like this:IMG_6967After realizing my kitchen cabinet space wouldn’t hold the extra glassware that used to  be in the cabinets at my old place, I purchased a second shelf from the container store when they were having a huge sale. I unpacked and added the gallery wall but didn’t really style it properly and was looking for a few new trays to round out the glassware storage situation. w1V5zFFJnyE5cNVPNDEtDcSOqQSm1FBWoXPboEEfoy4
I added the new lamp and did some major styling and tweaking to both ‘bars.’6Mhtk5OK6mPpgIJLRxzyCHT5pvg2xj4ew7ceEJaAhA4I found this simple, large white tray at Home Goods and it was the perfect fit for extra glassware on the bottom shelf. DF6ndi23FFCCICHdk8k4UxGIqVazG9C6tBkQK16ewkc
I also picked up this Cliff House print in NYC from an art fair in Washington Square Park can’t get over the adorable seal serving champagne. Also, if you’re ever in San Francisco, make a reservation at the Cliff House! Amazing views and excellent food. CAEyWLfidRKbnYSR9K13xf2LzGg9UutTb3kwUoegEWQ
I incorporated the rest of the art, bar-ware and accessories I had around the apartment to style each shelf. FIk242BrVIQAL-tBe5izWpd2IOXVNqe-myaKUyh6L7wBsToOU2M7JFVlWc7NE99qE0tQelMsEcQkx7MU3q65A4

I found this new gorgeous mango wood and brass tray at CB2 and used a gift card and sale promotion to make the price tag more bearable. I picked up this gorgeous brass bottle opener from Fishs Eddy on my last trip to NYC and it compliments the tray so nicely. QJgZ264C5rdPQe71T3PPiTN45RKdOSQ6nM-POxK64uUs4c0tBcqqtK9l_sjfP1flDPDEr-UFIlacS03AMOK-wMOgGHE22HiS4dX9JaHBmpkWudrSAy35dL1XHvsp5zkMYMC5XT37aq2ZfsK1AL7_dBsZvoSNVz3fwx_PZH_9bcbEI love the mix of new pieces along with vintage pieces on both bars and they now have a cohesive look. One more item checked off the to do list! :)

Lighting Updates

With increased square footage and a broken floor lamp, I was in desperate need of some new lighting. The main living room area has only one tiny overhead lighting situation and the bedroom has zero. That’s fairly standard in older buildings in DC so I always like to have a plethora of lamps. Starting off in the living room, the bar used to have the broken silver lamp but I temporarily relocated that to the bedroom until one more floor lamp arrives. I found this beauty at Target for a steal! It’s simple and yet very chic and works well to contrast the white bar shelving. 6Mhtk5OK6mPpgIJLRxzyCHT5pvg2xj4ew7ceEJaAhA4  My dining area was also quite dark and needed a lighting solution. I considered installing a swag pendant from the ceiling (without hard-wiring) but came across this arc lamp from Dot & Bo and it was the perfect compromise between a floor lamp and a pendant. It really goes with the round mid-century vibe of the table and I adore this little spot. _t_-FpuSGm_yJBZiCMsLVFm6zIBUMxXLcmFT6ZNriUg PtYk_w-hdjTRhZjxqf3Ohlt0c0xgrhYHKTdQFj6LzsA

After getting a new TV, I realized the newer (much) slimmer model was suddenly very small compared to the mint lamp that was on the credenza. I made a quick swap for the white lamp that was on my nightstand. The white lamp, placed on a small stack of books, looks much better with the scale of the television. Here’s a little sneak peek of what I found for the wall behind the credenza. Will share the full look later this week! cdEpCU8W5gNiM-_gpzRbt90vw__4IG2w69bNDVg4ERM 4NiJUNE4Ou5gV_fEvPd1xnEqxCgEtTqReGGsLnhWQAI The bedroom still needs the last lamp and this crooked, sad, broken silver one is holding on for dear life until it arrives. 5MJXYMael___5W7vFOOsFwwGkVVXIiU2i_auEQunkkg
On the other side of the bed, the mint lamp (no longer sold, similar one linked) is once again back in its place (where it used to live before I brought in the credenza in my last studio apartment). I really love how it ties in with the mint pillows and vintage art piece with green tones. p1WAwFZeGXjyTO_AImVv4F8Pko4n_fGMbtzDvIYm1Zk 1UV37TCCDxxxvC5Gvx3u7fCVtfVolPSxQQapRKyEDPg

More apartment updates coming your way this week, so stay tuned!

Craigslist Score + Gallery Wall Update

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to get a new TV so I moved my old one into the bedroom but it was looking far too disproportionate on the black bookshelf and I was running out of storage space in the bedroom, so I was on the hunt for something a little larger.

Before:CJ7DoA_pk3sLtrcxt02yBr2KVZliKRa2VtmBjRwEqUMI also put up my gallery wall, but it was feeling incomplete on the lower row. So I had a couple of my own photos printed from my recent NYC trip and used old frames I had to add one more row and round out the gallery wall. UATQI1MU7woZB6MQYgvGgdoXiCtkUTqHemsl6qCMQk0I found an awesome vintage piece (for a great price) on Craigslist and had it delivered over the weekend and it’s a perfect fit! Just what I was looking for and it doesn’t break the bank either. My photos also came in last week so I framed them and added them to the gallery wall. This space looks much better and certainly more ‘complete’ feeling than the previous set up.


PS: My black bookshelf is for sale (and in good condition) if anyone local in the DC area would like to purchase! Please email if interested (