Design Crush: Black Matte Appliances

I’ve seen a couple of these floating around the internet lately and had to share. I am officially in love with these black matte appliances. No surprise, from SMEG (a company with an already sleek and stylish line of appliances). The black and gold combo is perfect and so far from the overdone stainless steel craze. The vintage design with modern touches fits with my “dream home” interior design aesthetic.

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Photo credits: SMEG 

DIY Layered Vase

With the a few leftover elements from my DIY terrarium, I wanted to make a simple project to bring a bit more ‘green’ into my apartment. I had this long, thin glass vase sitting unused in a cabinet and decided it would work well. I didn’t have much to go off of, but just decided to start layering the rocks, soil and fake moss and I love how it turned out!

2014-11-06 18.53.24

2014-11-06 18.56.52

2014-11-06 18.59.46 2014-11-06 19.01.45 2014-11-06 19.05.41 2014-11-06 19.06.20

I found the perfect little spot for it on the cart in my entryway 2014-11-06 19.09.29

2014-11-06 19.10.10

2014-11-06 22.05.17If you’re looking for an easy, cheap DIY project to bring a natural element into your home, I would definitely suggest something like this! Only takes a few minutes, is maintenance-free and looks great in any space.

Design Trend: Roman Shades

Roman Shades are coming back in style and the new trend is more of a streamlined, clean look.It’s a great way to accomplish function and style. I’ve collected a few of my favorite simple striped looks below:

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New Apartment: Closet Organization Part Two

Happy Monday! As with closet one, I organized my second closet months ago, but finally had a chance to take photos and put together this post! Unfortunately, I wasn’t too great about taking before photos of this closet and the ones I did take are blurry, but oh well. This is a much smaller closet than my main one, so I primarily use it for out of season clothes, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and other storage. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice and organized, too! I adjusted the height of a couple built-in shelves and removed a few shelves to accommodate my things. The rest was fairly easy, and now I have space for guests to store luggage and hang clothes when they come to visit!


2014-08-23 15.49.162014-08-23 15.49.20

After:   2014-08-23 16.22.50 2014-08-23 17.13.09 2014-08-23 17.13.212014-09-01 19.29.36 2014-09-01 19.29.46 2014-09-01 19.29.57

PS- This closet wouldn’t be half as organized without all of the bins- I highly recommend purchasing bins in several sizes for your own closets if you’re looking to get organized.