Month in Review: June 2015

It’s that time again. Here’s a recap of the last 30 days on the blog. And if you missed yesterday’s giveaway, it’s open until next week so don’t forget to enter! I’ll link to it at the bottom of this post.

Style, Decor, Apartment Updates:
Four tips for small space style
Dining Room Plans
Office Decor: Update
Rug Pad to the Rescue
Thrift + Vintage Finds Around the Apartment
Hiding Cables and Cords in a Mid-Century Credenza
Nightstand Refresh
New Favorite Resource for Kilim Pillows
Design and Style Blogs You Need to Follow

Project KC: 
Living Room Progress


Look for Less:
Mid-Century Inspired Dining Table
Bentwood Inspired Dining Chairs

Design Trend:
Beaded Chandeliers 

World Market

Apartment Hunting: Tips to Remember

Photo by Helene

Studio Apartment Tours:
Chicago Living Room Tour
Copenhagen Studio Apartment

Design Inspiration:
Neutral and Feminine Office
Bohemian Bedroom
design inspiration the bedroom

Rug Pad USA (still open, enter now!)
IMG_5136Thanks for following along and stay tuned for lots of exciting content coming in July!

All photos by Studio Style Blog unless otherwise indicated in photo credit.

Giveaway: Rug Pad USA

I posted a few weeks ago about my new amazing rug pad and it’s still just as great as the day I received it. My rug is flat and smooth and best of all, doesn’t shift around when I walk or even vacuum over it.

Now to the exciting details: a giveaway! Rug Pad USA was kind enough to offer a giveaway to Studio Style Blog readers. If you win, you can pick out any type or size of rug pad you want. They even do custom pads if you don’t see a size on their site that works for your rug.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit Rug Pad USA and choose which rug pad and size you’d select if you won.

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The giveaway will close on Sunday, July 5th at 8 PM. Winner will be announced next Monday, July 6th on Studio Style Blog and social media and will need to respond to claim their winning by Tuesday, July 7th. Otherwise, another person will be chosen.

Four Tips for Small Space Style

1. Pay attention to the visual footprint of your furniture:
As seen in Jamie’s studio apartment tour, this lucite table is perfect for dining in a small space and has a very minimal visual footprint, making the area feel larger.Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.55.58 PM

2. Use dual function pieces for storage:
My craigslist credenza is a functional media stand, but the drawers provide tons of additional storage.  2015-05-25 14.18.343. Pair a light color palette with large mirrors:
As seen in Holly’s London studio apartment tour, the bright whites keep the space feeling open and airy while the mirror tricks the eye into making the space feel more expansive.IMG_32394. Utilize wall-mounted storage:
As seen in Natalie’s Melbourne studio apartment tour, wall-mounted shelving is great for additional storage and won’t take up any floor space. FullSizeRender (1)

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for a giveaway on Monday!

PS: Would love your vote for my space in the ‪#‎soDomino‬ contest! You can vote once per device here: Thank you!!

Project KC: Living Room Progress

If you missed the first post, check out all of the before photos and project list here:
Project KC: Before

We had all of the trim and wood paneling painted white in the living room and stained the ceiling beams darker. Check out the progress updates below and stay tuned for many more in the coming weeks.

Here’s a look at the before:IMG_5310

Making progress:
IMG_5315The space looks so much lighter, cleaner and updated with this simple change:IMG_5316Sneak peek at the darker wood floors:IMG_5314 Here’s a before of the ceiling beams:IMG_5317You can see where they’ve started and what has yet to be finished. Just a minor difference in stain can make a big impact:IMG_5318Beams darkened:IMG_5319 More living room progress, kitchen progress, etc to come so stay tuned!

Look for Less: Mid-Century Inspired Dining Table

While in search of round, mid-century inspired dining tables for my new dining area plan, I came across two gorgeous options. Of course, the perfect table from West Elm has all three of my favorite elements: marble, wood and brass…. but it comes with a big price tag. Unless they decide to send one my way or have a random 50% off sale, (West Elm, are you listening?) this table won’t be making its way into my apartment anytime soon. I did find a very similar alternative for less than half the price on Overstock so I thought it would make a good look for less feature! Check out both below.

1. Reeve Mid-Century Dining Table, $1199, West Elm 


2. Canvas White Wood Dining Table, $496.99, Overstock ed0d41fc-d0de-450f-a46a-4625edd3e2ba_600

Apartment Hunting: Tips to Remember

If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a bit of a perpetual mover. I’m coming up on one year in my current apartment (how did that happen already?!) in August and I’ve started to passively apartment hunt over the last few weeks. Fortunately, my lease goes month to month after one year, so I can either stay or move whenever I want, I won’t be locked into another year-long lease. As much as I love my place,  there are still a few more items on my wish-list and future life events that require a different building/apartment.

On this recent round of apartment hunting, I’ve picked up some new tips, tricks and advice to share. This is not a fully-comprehensive list, but I’ll continue to post everything I’ve learned over the next couple weeks and months. There are a few tips here that are similar to my moving series from last year (primarily phase one and phase two) but I’ve also added a bunch of new content. Spoiler alert: I have not yet found a place because I’m: a) taking my time and b) incredibly picky. Stay tuned… :)

  • Take your time: some people have already looked at me like I’m crazy for starting this early, but frankly, I don’t care. I’d rather visit a ton of places and get the best deal and find the best apartment at the end of the day and know I made the right decision rather than trying to scramble and find something at the last minute.  
  • Make lists: before even starting your search or visiting apartments, know your deal-breakers, favorite neighborhoods, wish list (if possible), and then make a list of  pros/cons for each place you visit.
  • Read the fine print (or ask for it): additional fees, rent controlled or not, negative reviews of the building or management online, utilities included or not, deposits (refundable or non-refundable), pet deposit and/or rent, income requirements, how long they can hold the apartment for you.
  • Pay attention: to the floor plan, square footage and layout, especially with small apartments. Compare it with where you’re currently living and determine if it’s more or less than you need. Walking into an empty apartment or viewing a floor plan can make a place seem huge, but you really need to know the square footage to determine if all your furniture and belongings will fit. The same can be said about layout. Even if it’s an adequate size, a weird layout or shape of the apartment can be a huge hindrance.
  • Make appointments: don’t just walk in. This will save you a lot of time. Even if they say they take walk-ins, try to insist on making an appointment. This is already a time-consuming process, so you don’t want to spend an extra half hour waiting behind other walk-ins to view an apartment.
  • Be realistic: don’t bother visiting places that are way out of your price range or that have multiple deal-breakers (building is not pet-friendly, etc). You’ll set yourself up for disappointment and waste time if you love the place but can’t afford it.
  • Be observant: of your surroundings: neighborhood, building residents, noise level, noisy or view-altering construction nearby, etc. If you’re in a densely populated city, try to avoid apartments above restaurants or anywhere that serves food. The likelihood of bugs and rodents dramatically increases. The same can be said for bars, if they are directly underneath or next door, the noise level at 3 am can get old really fast.
  • Follow up: if you liked the building, location, etc but there wasn’t a unit available that met your needs, follow up with the leasing agent to see if other units become available later.

Here’s a quick recap of just a few apartments (I’ve lost count already of how many places I’ve been to… the list is a bit staggering) along with pros and cons for each.

Dream kitchen: (but it comes at a price): not my favorite neighborhood, less total square footage than I have currently, giant hotel construction directly in front of the building (years of noise and likely blocking the view in the future). IMG_4774 Realistic apartment: Better priced, decent square footage, great original hardwoods, high-ceilings… However, it isn’t in my ideal neighborhood, does not have a balcony, kitchen and bathroom are outdated. IMG_5095 Bizarre shape: that would make furniture placement inefficient and nearly impossible. It did have a great balcony with a view and the building was exceptional, however, there was almost zero natural light- the only window/light source in the unit was one panel leading out to the balcony.IMG_5384 Perfect location: and neighborhood, but the unit was too expensive and way too small and the building has negative reviews about incredibly noisy residents and street noise. IMG_5385

Design and Style Blogs You Need to Follow

I’ve been meaning to update my Blog Love list for a long time and I finally did over the weekend. Instead of a post today, I encourage all of you to check out these amazing blogs. Will be back with a new post tomorrow. I’ve included a couple below, but the full giant list is here.

In no particular order….

Happy reading!