Balcony Reveal

After hoarding outdoor furniture in my studio apartment for a couple weeks and living in tight quarters, I was starting to wonder if it would be worth it but it definitely was. I did a ton of craigslist hunting, thrifting, etc and managed to fully furnish the balcony for a really affordable price.

The ‘before’ photos show the blank slate and the ‘afters’ turned out just as amazing as I’d hoped. Check out the transformation below and let me know what you think!


Here’s a little breakdown of where I found everything:
White bench: Craigslist // Purple throw pillows: World Market  (no longer sold) // Bench cushion: Target // Rattan Table: Free (!) on Craigslist // Rug: OfferUp // Plants and Lantern: Ikea // Curtain system and curtains: Ikea // Patio table and chairs: Craigslist // Custom Black and White Seat Cushions: Etsy // Lights: Amazon
OatjFcKbTqmawGK7K1HBYu8M7nRWgBeTWRU2fAHZfpU2-CrKYOZ3TDD7SrDwTQ5N0KAQUc1_uO6iXQXTx7LdskJ5a6RLnGJVlnoU-0YJrGWdFWdwx3f7OkJpVCWUWAWEIGXjOUXMv6U-t5Jcqa908QbPTeFfF10AUPsCKvoedThUXT2pC3hQtSW1AmmOhNKPA2ekUoEyfOyxK2Mqev0Yxqw 4pUGcG7YPMIaDskMH2Wp0_jsuAr9ZjWVaBC-TZNOGos KNCCmdCROFcSVZpz7NmBg0wZ9uWV5g7eI9WLTZ25Dzgd-GIFwwotCJLEAulP-5qMvL_ZddRsD_W_oy5B_tvunQTj-tx5gv8XMPAU0tuWm1xQzrp7tKSqhfSO2g16C4PLYREJImjddRaoid0vDh0ixOylanpQjixgjFEGzQAau1FUe6ocql7lpuSCO-mZnosZBxe-cUpDYVCVruKXaWT7rwYTluY23xtHXPH5g0Tw44NMfZ3-06-IT_XQiPwM-_klwUJlJ9vBblIS2Q30bfJQd09wL4WJyBhMD9GWFNOYFahTQLagu7Uhvk3FOoot_kS_2h13ugi2SXTyYIUzxWBpPfn03k4BTSiydYofShocEYzA_MYXAqwAJnMF7BkO0TDGzE4

With the lights on/at night:BBsWVmMpbIXyw6pUFs3oO8OR0Cbx40W0Fj8YiX3dyXobTJEJNAO33IvUZJT4D-t6JiPeTnD2L0SBnYif3R8ugA
If you look closely (don’t mind the ugly scaffolding surrounding it) you can see the capitol! It’s a much better view in person :) i60ev1P-j5K1IC7IU25-JLmYIC1dKBLpMkXrCDx_CQAOmKtDXRbjyQr5FN0pcOJuP-XS2SIKBKJpGkV0b8DcEUwQunLzGoEPDWGlgzG9uUBUQjEu00qRuEKS41qMwPdGA113GC1ErC5971nqVL-YrO_hoT1rZyu-izbshN8TQu1gZjyFBCoY_4yw-AW8mRRSlC5XUR5rIJDktuENC2OdOiI

Custom Outdoor Cushions for the Balcony

If you remember on my balcony plans posts, I was on the hunt for a resource for custom cushions for my craigslist score outdoor dining set. After a lot of Etsy searching, I found Britta Leigh Designs. She has a huge selection of seat cushions for both indoor and outdoor furniture. I knew I wanted a specific black and white striped fabric so I reached out to see if she could make custom cushions to fit the smaller size of my chairs and use the striped outdoor fabric.

Britta was super helpful and responsive and ordered the fabric I requested and made the most gorgeous custom cushions!

4pUGcG7YPMIaDskMH2Wp0_jsuAr9ZjWVaBC-TZNOGos I actually had her make four cushions for the four chairs, but when I arranged all of the furniture on the balcony, it looked better with three chairs. So the fourth is safely tucked away (along with its cushion) and can easily be pulled out when extra seating is needed. XT2pC3hQtSW1AmmOhNKPA2ekUoEyfOyxK2Mqev0Yxqw
Not only do they look great, they are very comfortable and already quite durable. DC had a huge downpour of rain a couple nights ago and these guys were completely dry by morning. cq64zQ-wH7NT1YFgsVr0l95iwWpPWdAPejsZONo75z4I also requested that she add little tie backs to each cushion so they wouldn’t slide off. They work perfectly and don’t slide around when you sit down and the little bows at the back just make them look even more adorable, in my opinion :)GXjOUXMv6U-t5Jcqa908QbPTeFfF10AUPsCKvoedThU If you’re looking for a quality, affordable resource for outdoor or indoor cushions, head over to Britta Leigh Designs! Her shop is full of great items and you can also go the custom route if you have your eye on a specific fabric or unusual size. 2-CrKYOZ3TDD7SrDwTQ5N0KAQUc1_uO6iXQXTx7Ldsk R2V35apjQ3i4JZfLzC_NIroz-L4F0Lbmqv3_o_7E9TEI’ll leave you with one last sneak peek at the curtains on the other side of the balcony. The whole space turned out even better than I imagined and I can’t wait to show you the full balcony reveal next week!  bTJEJNAO33IvUZJT4D-t6JiPeTnD2L0SBnYif3R8ugA
The seat cushions were provided by Britta Leigh Designs but all opinions, tips and images are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

Creating a Gallery Wall with Minted

If you remember my last post about the Minted gallery wall, I knew which pieces and frames were on the way but I hadn’t seen them in person yet! Each piece is uniquely beautiful and the framing is gorgeous. I knew I wanted it over the couch, but played around with the arrangement quite a bit to get it just right.

One of the most important tricks for creating a good gallery wall is the consideration of visual weight. I had three 16×20 prints and five 8×10 prints, all with varying frames. Paying attention to negative space, frame color and the visual weight of each piece helped to find the perfect arrangement. For example, the tapestry print has much less visual weight than the abstract print.Z4UrpsAX9EM581fGCvm0W8_2VRd4ao_CU8Z6XfMkzLY

I also wanted to keep similar colors separated so they could each stand out on their own without competing. The Penguin and the abstract prints have similar tones, so I kept them on opposite sides.

idal0khicmg5LGwFnmkNPFpMWSJ3T6yWlDDfexw-So8I made sure to take photos of it on the floor for reference before hanging on the wall. I wanted it to be centered over the couch and remembered not to hang it too high (a frequent mistake when people hang art). Check out the end results! bYKqAUj31uJXwBQAJuBODI7H2Nr8wdmMYk4rXkSpO40mVd31ncYVUWqhAtXEOMMwhte5d50x7zt8rsU_5yiCe449-DlEXby_QWhJQnGuaPQ3GaLQiQ6lNcWSyjfgn7CUIpQiVj2Ks76abtQPlohoB7_xd65T2JwET1y6JRozSf10

absolutely love it and Minted has such a wonderful selection of art and frames. Check out this gorgeous white washed herringbone frame option. I think it’s my favorite out of the three different frame options I selected.The detail is beautiful and compliments the art so nicely. sImIRZ7JCJX8wnZUW9JtvTrYb3CpFJbEqGPnhuC8lgw   FkgMS5lkTjTE2wUJ53Q84ucO6JwIWKBvRti9KT7FwSw     

After having a different gallery wall over my couch for the last couple years (which will be relocated in the new apartment, stay tuned) this was a perfect opportunity to refresh the look and the grey walls really make it pop. Minted has such a well-curated selection that it was so difficult to just choose these. I could seriously have every inch of my walls covered in beautiful art from their marketplace. eDDMeRtpa0w111EIIAcHUJ-Qds_IPtfbvPWArTjs2L0

I’ve linked all of the prints below if you want any for your home or office!

Shop the gallery wall:
Pineapple print // Floral arrangement // Paris print 
Vase of flowers // Floral art // Penguin
Tapestry // Watercolor print

Minted provided me with the art for this gallery wall, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

Design Inspiration: The Bedroom: Classic With A Twist

I’m over on the DC Ladies today with a classic bedroom design. It’s a great way to refresh your own bedroom for fall or furnish a bedroom in a new place. Check out the full post here and shop the look below. Check out more in the series here: Design Inspiration

design-inspiration-the-bedroom-classic-with-a-twistShop the look:

Bed // Rug // Nightstands // Lamps // Dresser //

Moving Day Recap with Bookstore Movers

Thought I’d share a moving day recap (though this has now turned into an incredibly long post, oops)- this particular one actually went very smoothly and was almost completely stress free thanks to Bookstore Movers!

Moving is always a huge pain but with enough organization, preparation and an excellent team of movers, I’d say this one was my best move yet. As I mentioned in my packing tips, I did a lot of organization, labeling and preparation beforehand. I also hauled over a bunch of random loose items before moving day: lamps, pillows, art, etc. Items that wouldn’t fit in boxes and would be a time-suck for the movers. My goal was to have only large furniture pieces and boxes left in the apartment when the movers arrived. With a few small exceptions (vacuum cleaner, etc), that really helped move the process along much quicker.

Here’s a look at the insanity of my studio apartment a couple days before the move: IMG_6943IMG_6942IMG_6946

After taking over a bunch of art, mirrors, trash cans, throw pillows, etc. over to the new apartment, it definitely helped clear a pathway in this small space (of course I forgot to take pictures of that)

 Moving day: I ran over to the new apartment at 7 am to check on my lovely permitted parking spaces for the moving truck (no loading dock at new building) to find a bunch of geniuses parking in my ’emergency no parking’ spots so I called to get them towed and then proceeded to ‘borrow’ a traffic cone, run to Harris Teeter to buy two rolls of duck tape and create a rigged blockade around some of the spaces until the movers got to the new place.


I made it back to the old apartment just in time to chug some iced coffee and the team from Bookstore movers arrived on right on time at 8:30 (a welcome relief from other movers I’ve used in the past) and were super organized, efficient, friendly and even cracking jokes at that ungodly hour. :) A pleasant surprise.


They got all 35 boxes out of my apartment in 15 minutes flat. I barely had time to take pictures it was so quick:9v2uSpnQfZByLQqD3V-QtXzQJvBFW3cm9yw2RiPSctEGhrI3i_iS4ZNeGRPtCBWmOTOHuoBAHm9EzBrZhWQuC8_u9nTI9dpgPLOGgAPFFbVY0KeBJmLCwPZGxUFsPHBfA

After the quick box removal, then it was time to wrap all of the furniture. I placed most of it near the dining/kitchen area so there would be enough room to wrap each piece and so there weren’t any stray boxes hiding around the apartment. XGbXy1sQAG_IH_Wi8udGjQ6rV7f3w-K4-xSwdjvackkMy lovely sleeper sofa was completely wrapped, taped and protected (and by some miracle the Bookstore Movers team fit it in the elevator at my new building- the couch is 7 ft long and the elevator opening is 7 feet tall and the elevator inside is 7.5 ft tall.. you do the math). Every item was meticulously wrapped and labeled ‘living room’, ‘bedroom’, etc so they’d know where to place it in the new apartment.gQNsHaMq-XlFt9iAGcUF4mPKnmxvn6kCJknczYH03qE

The last of the chair and small furniture line up:TejSyAo1cI6x3OZb0xjd5n2i4JRXbtzeSCjc1HZvICQBalcony furniture was the last to go:dVqW7Nu5NiLfxXFfmdB9FKsxp6yGyQU7Jb7eWUWgHGo

I fully intended to get more pictures of the move out process but it was literally so quick that these are all I have! I did take a couple shots of the empty studio:

GGfljAXeR217kzNNoWHSUlLwTqTt8BW31VDno80de28 zN1clBV-cOn9WyY2RLAfED1Doli9AovwBkO5iRhEPP8  b2M_dmeY6DIUrCfsjX-jdneNxGWOr7iAmxjD06EQb5E  5CIa2i3o_i4xutmdKeUzgHmnZBOJeOP3vKFVNmODX5s Epq3pIoDuqMeoqfdNc39LHwnO5Scrmze69tm2M0H0T4 k372zV6HbCDMfoa82FYMpg6gDcqdebWhs1pNb5MPDNs 7H2BzhO2jfWzXkQpkZkPFTLPHlcJQ2on3YY0sZznm5o

As the movers were packing the last of the truck, we grabbed an uber and got over to the new place right at the same time as the truck. My rigged crazy parking permit tape/cone worked and there was enough room to park the truck. Even without a loading dock at the new place, the team was incredibly quick and efficient in unloading everything (and without damaging a single thing, of course).

They placed everything exactly where I wanted and even took time to lay down the large rugs so the furniture could be placed on top. Here’s a peak at the new place! YRuurEzseM1G74ifINh5ZB2mSI5tO3gkfhld-nG0ynY QyleBE8d7jkBh7UEwQ6HBhRVZAMG_8swDr9RPnnUKdY (1)VdeAIaYn0LGMzk4m_wMQZpOET2FpIjUggOh30Su5hVYnkmJJZX3l8hbRZ1vFt3qNhTEoGGV6WvKERfWG2eGuRwns3E0uOsTXb8ksyTkh7kszzhJzp1-6oQL7sRsy7oohA -8XDRbdyOlqxmCGQxjG8aYo-OpL_JKzU_cIMTEnKW6g QUL1EZ-Al8tLMyEtGFOd8wb0uv_6KexiMdqSjm1eGmo

The three crew members that came out from Bookstore were phenomenal, hilarious, skilled and even broke out in a jingle or two during the process. I can’t say enough good things about them! If anyone in the DC area is moving, do yourself a favor and call these guys. Seriously, best moving experience ever.

I was given a discounted rate for moving services in exchange for this post, but I honestly wouldn’t have changed one word even I didn’t get a discount. All images, tips and opinions are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

 PS: (Ok, I know this is now the longest post ever, but I’ll stop soon)

We topped off a successful moving day with a tradition of dinner consisting of pizza and beer al fresco on my balcony, and a little trip up to the roof with a gorgeous view of the monument. From my balcony, you can see the capitol and I’m still pinching myself a bit every time I glance out the window and see it. I’ll also take a quick moment to thank my amazing mom for coming out yet again to help me move! This first started as a necessity a couple years ago and now she insists on coming out even though I’ve tried to tell her no! Needless to say, she made the process go even smoother and helped out with a crazy amount of tasks both before and after the move. Cheers to my lovely saint of a mother :) 8EmcHXjpDCYzoMb8g0XmGSoI4yAHfZaeapn0H-k0fNc


New Apartment: Painting Progress

If you missed Friday’s pre-painting post, click here.

This post will showcase the progress and transformation of the living room, hallways and bedroom. Stay tuned for kitchen and bathroom progress coming soon. As I mentioned in the previous post, I hired Green Apple DC to do the painting. And as you can see below, they did an amazing job. From scheduling to preparing and clean up, the process was so organized and tidy. My new apartment is in an old building so some of the walls were not in the greatest condition to begin with but Green Apple DC did excellent prep work from sanding to taping beforehand so the paint would adhere seamlessly on the walls.

 A quick reminder of the before photos. Boring beige everywhere:fei1HquVAtL9GQPSoqwejPESHzpiHaHJQVSj-XENb3YydGikmx5_CIW8wEzpZFbX65_-0lVWE1-lS5dWIOLHjo h-_JWXWAPrlXk3E7hvA23fGv3qmaGVJmwHKK_vfCRZY

All of the walls got 2+ coats and they even offered to paint all of my light switch covers so they would blend in with the walls, which is a big plus in my book. The perimeter on both the ceiling and trim was perfectly straight and not a drop of paint seen anywhere. I was at work while the painting took place but the painters definitely kept everything clean and drip free :)

Grey walls! I love how these turned out. Here’s a pre-move in photo with painting supplies neatly tucked in the corner and a few random loose items I brought over before moving day. QPEcygspy3Nly3f4fBHpU3F-plqn9eBOjICGz7Qjiy8N9Tqx7qM7HzljzYRN8LqAYsJBM7zcf8QzvZZFujat_U

And check it out with furniture! The grey paint makes every piece look even nicer and more sophisticated somehow. g0oDwRnChD_aWeQen3XL3PmTiFeZGWaBc8-DAPbWexQ  QyleBE8d7jkBh7UEwQ6HBhRVZAMG_8swDr9RPnnUKdY

I had the painters continue with the grey into the hallways leading to the bedroom but wanted a clean and serene white for the bedroom. It turned out wonderful and I love the slight contrast with the doors, ceiling and trim. And no surprise, the painting in this space was just as flawless as the living room! Amidst the moving and furniture arranging chaos, the walls still look so fresh and new. KrFtKRhX2WDuYAuydkT8Xoj92USFxw2AXqE45xPXsWgTLUREsGJgKz_Ihya0OUOvYF_MofZMVwh1c-rJGt4w5o Lastly, here’s a quick sneak peek at the bathroom. It’s black and so fantastic. 2AtRRuCBfZXMdXPWTLGXMd12P5R_LdJ4HZKjOcmi5PA

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re in the DC area, you should definitely check out Green Apple DC for your painting needs. I would have never been able to do it myself (nor could I even come close to doing such an excellent job) and the end result looks wonderful. Check out their website here:

Stay tuned for more apartment progress, bathroom and kitchen painting reveal and much more over the next couple weeks!


Painting the New Apartment: Before

Sorry for being MIA yesterday… moving week has been crazy hectic and the move hasn’t even begun! But I do have an awesome post for you today. A look at the new apartment and an amazing local painting company.

The apartment was the standard boring beige color and I knew I wanted it painted grey, black and white. After going over my sample cards for a couple weeks, I finally decided on:

Benjamin Moore Storm Grey: For the living room and hallways
Benjamin Moore Simply White: For the kitchen and bedroom
Benjamin Moore Black Beauty: For the bathroom

I also knew I wanted to hire professionals to paint because my DIY skills are very limited and I also wouldn’t have the time to do it.

After a bit of research, I found Green Apple DC, a local eco-friendly painting, restoration and repair company. I got in touch with the owner, Mickey Cappiello. He was quick to respond, answered all my questions and is overall extremely helpful and great to work with. We met to discuss the project, schedule and quote.

Green Apple DC also does handyman work so I decided to also have them install the curtain rods in my living room, bedroom and a curtain system on my balcony to save me plenty of time and stress. The painting has all been completed (and looks amazing) and I’ll share tons of progress photos next week on the site, along with after photos once I’m all moved in.

But first, let’s take a look at the ‘before’ photos:

6RXP2fZpV237yYpMqUMUF-2oP3Hr8r5W69rULd6dZNcgwp2VypBu5t_vYkJdwxpXClk966R3VMWjnpO6apPQOsEChjHteSruaw_Y41qBGccxnQ-3eNJb34MZkF4elbaKc   FKTvkTX_Qul7Dg5xrRxD-dPjfMuZgoY8_meksHQMAY8  E9WaOMubF46Fx6GRsYRUX2gWFUH79K1kP6-0b8MQl5sfei1HquVAtL9GQPSoqwejPESHzpiHaHJQVSj-XENb3Y      7VcNhNM81Dq7XstECmASLq5QyNlJWPyEUuDT3zJqlXs  gEEF1Q_5suX0phUiL-PFOBB1_Ut8FzVHil-hFeP0sfo gHuMUaNJnb-L-3IcVdTB_BmoLNyuW0wCqn1oXqrKUOYw9OgGrJ-c-7soJA0UvqMP1QqPc6I1s5DPUFEky69yHE -AVcsPsIDKnx1jACrWsxiAcxhLuiuFoQfovT2-DJV4M  -ZDC3XMgOv4dUz1GXVxYikp0KGpjXXXOR-AICIYP_LU h-_JWXWAPrlXk3E7hvA23fGv3qmaGVJmwHKK_vfCRZY F8aPLgFtYB9rQMVkb1U_cDS19v2F5bPRlvlkrY2j8_s ydGikmx5_CIW8wEzpZFbX65_-0lVWE1-lS5dWIOLHjo k29M0G9ZQPUDf99Wo-QzHyQJ9jQ0t1_1HaIGqgHhSlI

The layout is great and I finally have so much more space to work with. There were several repairs and changes made to things all over the apartment this past week, but the painting has made a huge difference. It looks like a totally new place. Check back Monday for a ton of progress photos and later next week for the full reveal.

I can’t say enough good things about Mickey and Green Apple DC so far. They’ve been extremely flexible when we had to push back the painting schedule and have done everything to accommodate me. If you’re in the DC area and looking for a quality painting (or repair, restoration work) company, look no further. Check out their website here: