Design Trend: Black Ceilings

I’ve already covered black walls and black trim in past posts, but I’m currently obsessed with black ceilings. It works well in almost any room, though bathrooms and kitchens are my favorite. When paired with white walls or tile, a few pops of color and metallics (especially brass), black ceilings look elegant, expensive and classic. It gives the illusion of an open space and taller ceilings. The black color draws your eyes upwards and creates an endless height effect. I’ve selected a few of my favorite examples below. Hope you love this trend as much as I do!

2014 Holidays in DC: Capitol and Union Station

Continuing with my tradition of checking out the gorgeous trees, lights and wreaths around DC during Christmastime. The Capitol tree has a slightly different backdrop this year with the rotunda under construction. Although the scaffolding does look a bit better when it’s lit up at night. I’ve also made the rounds at Union Station this year (my personal favorite holiday display) and photographed the giant wreaths. Stay tuned for Christmas around the White House and the National Tree coming soon! Hope you enjoy the photos. I highly recommend visiting DC during the holidays.

2014-12-11 17.14.24  2014-12-11 17.15.062014-12-11 17.15.10      2014-12-11 17.18.34   2014-12-11 17.18.43        2014-12-11 17.39.53     2014-12-11 17.40.53 2014-12-11 17.41.00   2014-12-11 17.41.35 2014-12-11 17.43.28


Long Overdue: Fall in NYC

This post is long overdue, but one month after visiting NYC in the Fall, here we are. I had a great trip and loved checking off my last NYC season. I’ve been there in the Summer, Spring and Winter but hadn’t experienced the colorful, beautiful NYC Fall until now. Can’t wait to return again in 2015. Hope you enjoy the photos!

2014-11-14 17.32.03 2014-11-14 17.41.05 2014-11-14 17.51.06 2014-11-14 18.11.37 2014-11-14 21.24.40  2014-11-14 22.51.14-2 2014-11-15 11.24.52 2014-11-15 12.25.54 2014-11-15 12.25.57 2014-11-15 12.27.02 2014-11-15 12.27.32 2014-11-15 12.27.41 2014-11-15 12.30.17 2014-11-15 12.44.20 2014-11-15 12.44.26  2014-11-15 12.45.53 2014-11-15 12.47.19 2014-11-15 12.48.04 2014-11-15 12.48.52 2014-11-15 12.48.55 2014-11-15 12.52.01 2014-11-15 12.59.51 2014-11-15 13.00.06 2014-11-15 13.01.29 2014-11-15 13.01.56 2014-11-15 13.06.39 2014-11-15 13.06.40 2014-11-15 13.06.43 2014-11-15 13.43.59 2014-11-16 13.49.54 2014-11-16 13.49.56 2014-11-16 13.50.26 2014-11-16 13.50.36 2014-11-16 13.51.02 2014-11-16 13.52.00 2014-11-16 13.55.53 2014-11-16 14.06.56 2014-11-16 14.08.00 2014-11-16 14.28.44 2014-11-16 14.29.52 2014-11-16 14.31.25 2014-11-16 14.31.35-2 2014-11-16 14.31.38 2014-11-16 14.41.24 2014-11-16 14.41.26 2014-11-16 14.41.28 2014-11-16 14.41.34 2014-11-16 14.41.36 2014-11-16 14.41.42 2014-11-16 14.41.57 2014-11-16 14.42.02 2014-11-16 14.42.48 2014-11-16 14.51.20 2014-11-16 14.52.33


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Whole Family

gift guide whole family


Collage: Studio Style Blog // Image Credits Below 

The last post in the 2014 Studio Style Blog Gift Guide series is here… for the whole family!  I carefully selected all of these gifts, but somehow almost every single one of them can be found on Amazon, so at least that will make for easy shopping. Hope you found the whole series helpful and can wrap up your holiday shopping with these guides. More new posts on the blog next week, so stay tuned and have a great weekend.

1 Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag, Amazon

2 NatureBox Subscription

3 Mister Tea Infuser, Amazon

4 Google Chromecast, Amazon

5 Champagne Bottle Stopper, Amazon

6 Cards Against Humanity, Amazon 

7 Captain Wood Server, CB2


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For Teens

gift guide teens

Collage: Studio Style Blog // Image Credits Below 

Next up in the Gift Guide series… holiday gifts for teens. These are mostly geared toward girls but the same products can easily be altered for boys. Storage, subscription boxes, tech gloves, iPhone cases, etc. in a different color scheme  or pattern will all make great gifts for any sibling, cousin, friend, etc.

1 Rugby Stripe Bins, Container Store 

2 Birchbox Subscription

3 Magnetic Gold Frames, CB2

4 ThinkFun Gordians Knot, Amazon

5 Monaco Stripes iPhone Case, Amazon

6 Tech Knit Gloves, West Elm

7 Chevron Print Infinity Scarf, Amazon


2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For Dad

gift guide dads

Collage: Studio Style Blog // Image Credits Below

If you missed the first two gift guides, check them out here:

For Moms  

For Sisters and Friends

Next up in the Gift Guide series… holiday gifts for your dad, boyfriend, brother, friend or any other men in your life! As with the previous gift guides, these are all budget-friendly. Tech accessories, books and movies always make great gifts for men and I’ve listed a few staples below. For a man who likes cocktails, the whiskey stones are highly rated and quite popular. The Dollar Shave Club is relatively new, but a perfect option for a subscription gift that won’t break the bank. Sources and links are below!

1 Ultimate Bourne Collection, Amazon

2 Teroforma Whiskey Stones, Amazon

3 Leather iPad Case, Apple

4 Lumberjack USB Power Adapter, CB2

5 Swiss Tech 6 in 1 Key Ring, Amazon

6 Dollar Shave Club Subscription

7 41: A Portrait of my Father, Amazon