NYC Studio Apartment Tour

I recently discovered a wonderful studio apartment on instagram and it’s lovely renter and decorator, Jamie, agreed to let me feature a few photos! This tiny studio apartment utilizes space in all the right ways- and certainly isn’t lacking in style either!

Let’s start with the kitchen. Staying organized and having a minimalist mindset is key. Without drawers, Jamie decided to utilize pretty vases to keep her silverware and utensils tidy. Another space saving solution is her drying rack sitting in the sink. It doesn’t take up additional counter space and still  allows her to use half of the sink while the rack is in there.

photo 1

photo 3

Moving over to the little dining nook, this might be one of my favorite spots in the apartment. It’s a perfect space-saving solution to use the acrylic console table with two stools. The little table looks chic and stylish but it also has a very small visual footprint and keeps the space clean and airy looking.
Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.55.58 PM
She frequently rearranges her apartment (which is also one of my guilty pleasures) so this is a slightly different look, but equally amazing. The small sofa and trunk utilized for storage (and as a makeshift coffee table) are great ways to maximize space and style in a studio apartment. photo-6Bright white bedding adds to the light and airy feel of the apartment and gives it a clean look.

photo 3 (1)

The petite desk, chairs, mirror, lamp and art add some vintage charm to the space and can be utilized for extra seating if needed.

photo 2-15  When you’re working with a small space, utilizing every surface is important. The little ledge over the heating and cooling unit works well as a spot for fresh flowers, books and a few accessories. photo 2-14

Last, but not least, is the other side of the living area. Using a dresser as a media stand (also what I’m currently doing in my apartment) makes for great dual storage and function. She even has room for a cute bar cart and stylish wing back chair! The rug is a good way to separate the space into different zones while also tying together the blue accents around the 1-16


Hope you enjoyed Jamie’s NYC studio apartment tour as much as I did. All photos are by Jaime and be sure to go follow her apartment decorating and rearranging progress on instagram!

Stay tuned for another studio apartment tour coming up in a couple weeks. Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Studio Apartment Tour” for consideration.

Shop Love: Design Darling

Next in the Shop Love series… one of my long time favorite online shops… Design Darling! With great decor and accessories for the office and home, it’s hard not to find something you love on every single page! There’s also a great selection of fun art and prints. I’ve chosen a few favorites for both office and home below.

Screen_Shot_2014-06-25_at_10.34.35_AM_largeScreen_Shot_2014-08-07_at_5.16.43_PM_large Design_Darling_Acrylic_Tape_Dispenser_5f93591e-c965-4ee2-9f91-6b1d0b4e8acb_large

unnamed_71a215a1-fb2a-4b29-b33f-cec10946b22c_largeScreen_Shot_2014-07-11_at_6.35.31_PM_large Screen_Shot_2013-04-29_at_5.28.43_PM_large

oui_non_french_matches_design_darling_largeScreen_Shot_2015-03-02_at_2.30.56_PM_large stop_and_drink_the_rose_print_large elizabeth_mayville_top_knot_stripes_print_large

All photos: Design Darling

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Do you have a small or unknown online home decor shop? Studio Style Blog would love to hear about it! Email with the subject line “Shop Love” to inquire about product and/or shop features.

Favorite Outdoor Furniture and Decor

It’s finally warming up in DC after a long winter, so I decided to pull together a couple of my favorite outdoor furniture pieces and accessories to create stylish and functional living spaces. I haven’t had the luxury of a balcony or patio in my last couple apartments but my building has a lovely rooftop deck that I plan to spend every spare moment on during the warmer months. Wherever I live next, I really hope to find somewhere with a little balcony. It’s so nice to have a second living space outdoors to have a meal, read a book, get a tan or have a cocktail.

Whether you’re furnishing and decorating a small balcony in the city or a large patio or deck in the suburbs, there’s a ton of great options for everyone. My favorite places for stylish, affordable outdoor furniture and accessories are Target and World Market. A couple other sites are noted below as well.


World Market

Outdoor throw pillows and rugs:

World Market:
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World Market


West Elm
West Elm
World Market
World Market


World Market

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Styled Three Ways: The Side Table

Styled Three Ways is back, and tackling the side table. For more Styled Three Ways posts, click here. With a simple change of a lamp and a few accessories, this side table can be transformed into three different looks. Check out each below:

1. Feminine and worldly: 2015-04-05 16.24.06 2015-04-05 16.24.11 2015-04-05 16.24.17 2015-04-05 16.24.26 2015-04-05 16.24.34

2. Neutral and natural: 2015-04-05 16.28.43 2015-04-05 16.28.48 2015-04-05 16.28.51 2015-04-05 16.28.57 2015-04-05 16.29.09 2015-04-05 16.29.14 2015-04-05 16.29.17

3. Colorful and fun:2015-04-05 16.32.03 2015-04-05 16.32.11 2015-04-05 16.32.14 2015-04-05 16.32.21 2015-04-05 16.32.25 2015-04-05 16.32.31 2015-04-05 16.32.35 2015-04-05 16.32.38

All photos: Studio Style Blog

Studio Style Blog Redesign!

Double posting today… If you missed it earlier, here’s my DIY Floral Art post.

I’m so excited to finally announce this! I’ve been plotting for a long time about doing a major blog clean up and overhaul, and it’s finally happening, thanks to Jessica of The Lovely Side.

So if the blog looks a little funny over the weekend and into next week, now you’ll know why.

A few things to look out for:

  • Cleaner site design
  • Easy to navigate menu bar at the top
  • Fun pop-ups to show you similar posts you might enjoy
  • Feature highlights for budget-friendly decor, DIY projects, moving tips and much more

I’ll do another post after the redesign is finished to highlight all of the new features, so stay tuned! And I’ll still have regularly scheduled posts all next week as well, so keep an eye out for another Styled Three Ways Post, Style on a Budget and more!

DIY Floral Art

I’ve seen variations of this idea floating around online for awhile, but a couple weeks ago, I finally got started with the process and ordered the materials for this DIY art! I adore everything from Rifle Paper Co, but their prints can range anywhere from $24-50 each and I wasn’t willing to spend that much per print plus framing. I found out they make individual gift wrap sheets of the same gorgeous floral patterns so I purchased those from Paper Source online (along with one other) for a total of $22.24 including shipping!

2015-04-14 20.29.59

My next bargain hunting session was for frames. I’ve purchased many in from Joann’s online in the past, but they didn’t have quite what I was looking for on this project. I found a couple great options at Michael’s and went with simple white frames with mats included. For three frames, my total came to $37.52 including shipping.

2015-04-14 20.29.54

This project ended up at $59.76, just under $60 for three gorgeous framed art pieces. If I had purchased the prints I mentioned along with custom framing, this project could have ended up totaling a couple hundred dollars. Not in my art budget, so I’m really glad I went the budget-friendly DIY route.  Now on to the fun part, the quick and easy DIY!

FYI- If you’re trying to get these pesky little things lifted up from your frame and don’t want to ruin your manicure, just grab a knife from the kitchen! Slide it under the metal clip and bend up. Same goes for putting them back, just press down and you’re done.

2015-04-14 20.34.06

All I had to do was pick the portion of the gift wrap I wanted to frame….

2015-04-14 20.40.42
Trace around the mat (in case I screwed up, I didn’t to risk tracing inside the map and cutting it too small)…2015-04-14 20.41.24

Cut out your traced portion and place it in your frame and you’re done!2015-04-14 20.45.46
Same process with #2:

2015-04-14 20.47.15 2015-04-14 20.50.24

And #3:
2015-04-14 20.51.28 2015-04-14 20.55.33


I’m so thrilled with how these turned out and can’t wait to hang them in my new office (stay tuned in a couple weeks for a full office makeover at my new job!)

2015-04-14 20.56.44