Studio Apartment Tour: Copenhagen Pt. 2

Welcome back to Copenhagen! I have another charming studio apartment for you today… Julie’s lovely apartment in Denmark. Let’s get started in the kitchen area.

This wall makes a big statement when you walk in and leads your eye out to the adorable balcony. I love the little bit of extra counter space with the butcher block to the left as well. Billede 16-07-15 15.27.57Check out this wonderful little balcony! You might have noticed in my balcony inspiration post, I included these decking tiles from Ikea. These are perfect for this space and it feels like a continuation of the living space in the apartment. Adding a hand crafted little bench for seating is practical and doesn’t take up too much room.Billede 18-07-15 20.25.57The kitchen is light and organized, which makes it feel larger. I love the little wall-mounted shelving on the right for spices and storage for smaller items. Billede 17-07-15 11.38.43Let’s head into the living room. Julie managed to fit a great dining table and two chairs in the space between the kitchen and living room.Billede 18-07-15 19.04.17Another one of my favorite tricks for small spaces… a large mirror! This always makes the space feel larger and is a great decor staple. The TV on top of a dresser is one of my old standbys and it’s perfect for dual function storage. Billede 16-07-15 15.29.50This seating area is perfect for a small space and you can always pull in the dining chairs for extra seating if necessary. Billede 18-07-15 19.05.35I love this little vignette and check out the hidden power strip in the basket below. This is a great idea to tuck it out of sight while still allowing ventilation.Billede 18-07-15 19.05.49Looking at the mirror from this angle, you can see how it creates the illusion of a larger space. The little basket next to the TV looks like a perfect spot for storage and it’s stylish enough to sit in the living room. Billede 18-07-15 19.04.33Moving on to the bedroom area! Julie had walls added to enclose the area into a real ‘room’ and I love the french doors to go along with it! Always a classic design element, and they keep the space from feeling too boxed in. Billede 16-07-15 16.03.28 (1)It might be tiny, but it certainly works! The wall-mounted sconce saves precious floor space and the smaller bed works well in here. I love the bright floral pattern on the duvet as well. The french doors look great from this angle, too. They allow plenty of natural light in the space. Billede 17-07-15 11.43.24

Thanks to Julie for letting me feature your space. Check out her instagram here. All photos by Julie.

Do you have a studio apartment you want featured on Studio Style Blog? Please email with 5-7 photos (both wide shots and close ups) of your space with the subject line “Studio Apartment Tour” for consideration.



Incorporating Mirrors in Gallery Walls

While planning my Minted gallery wall, I wanted to mix it up a bit and add another element along with the art. After browsing around on pinterest for awhile, I figured out the perfect solution: a mirror! I have my thrift score silver mirror sitting in my closet, just waiting to be used, and this would be the perfect spot.

Here are a couple gallery walls with mirrors that I love. These will all be great inspiration for putting together my own next month! 59ee9328411bdf84c5a775712a00dce5  69b5ea518fb1b8340c1507062c246f57 6b7e32152a3fcd65f981b17b59d33c7f1ff214e0c0e8903a6dc3af67514832fc  75988462cb52666109fde347b81a065d

Image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //


Design Inspiration: The Living Room: Global Glam

My latest post is up on The DC Ladies site today!
Check out Design Inspiration: The Living Room: Global Glam for the full post and how to get your own global glam look. Shop the look of this design board below. design-inspiration-the-living-room-global-glam-

Shop the look:

Sofa // Side table // Coffee table // Rug // Floor Lamp // Star pillow // Diamond pillow // Striped pillow // TV Stand // Bar Cart //


For more in the Design Inspiration series, click here.

Balcony Inspiration: Update

I’ve made some progress on the balcony furniture/accessories since my last post, so I thought I’d share a quick update. I found this table and four chairs for a reasonable price on craigslist:
malaro-table-outdoor-white__0186202_PE338239_S4 malaro-chair-outdoor-white__64525_PE173906_S4
As well as this side table for free on craigslist:IMG_5751 I picked up two of these pillows on sale at World Market:02d946c9d9a6be01296a0d81c3dace3202d946c9d9a6be01296a0d81c3dace32
 As much as I love a good Ikea trip, I really didn’t have the time, so thanks to online ordering, I had this small plant, these larger plants and four curtain panels shipped to my door.
faf2d761b91f7cd26d31eef8699ba2b1 fejka-artificial-potted-plant__0117267_PE272240_S4 fejka-artificial-potted-plant__0117267_PE272240_S489d2d574609950d104622d2d8d3c14a4

I found a fantastic Etsy shop that made custom black and white striped cushions for the chairs above and they are set to arrive this week. I wanted some similar to these (below) in a custom size and fabric and I can’t wait to see them in person! Full post on those coming up next month.
I found a great Pier 1 indoor/outdoor rug on OfferUp and I’m picking it up tonight:

The last furniture item I have left on my list is a love seat or bench.. I’m currently trolling craigslist and found this one which looks to be in great condition (the cushion would be recovered) so hopefully I might be able to score this little beauty. 00V0V_1LO9WKHBKlq_600x450
I’m also currently figuring out a rather complicated solution to installing the curtains on my balcony, which has turned out to be quite challenging, but with a little Home Depot help and a (likely) call to a handyman, I think I’ll be able to make it work. More on that later.

Gallery Wall Planning with Minted

Now that I’ll have more walls to decorate in my new place, I’m planning to do another gallery wall in addition to the one I already have. I wanted something colorful and fun, so I chose a mix of prints and photos and can’t wait to see it come together. Most of the photos in my current gallery wall are the same size, so I wanted to mix it up a bit with this one. This is my initial idea for the new gallery wall:

The Paris photo, tapestry print and watercolor print are all 16×20 and the rest are 8×10. I might put it in a slightly different layout once I can visualize it all in person, but at the moment, I’m really liking this arrangement. I also picked out some great frames for each print but I’ll reveal those when the actual gallery wall is installed in my new place.

I found all of these photos and prints on Minted and they have a fantastic selection of art to choose from, as well as affordable framing. They should all be shipping out soon and will be on the wall approximately 24 hours after I move into the new place :) I am always anxious to get art on the wall right away when I move into a new place, but am especially excited for these new prints, so stay tuned for the full reveal in a couple weeks!

Shop the gallery wall:
Pineapple print // Floral arrangement // Paris print 
Vase of flowers // Floral art // Penguin
Tapestry // Watercolor print

Minted will be providing me with the art for this gallery wall, but all opinions, reviews and tips are my own. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or advertising, please contact me here

I’m Moving!

This comes as no shock if you’ve been reading my apartment hunting posts, but…

I’m moving!

I swore I’d never move in August again, that I’d stay in my current apartment for longer than a year, etc… but here we are. I only have photos of the model unit, but I’ll be sure to post photos of the actual unit as soon as I get a chance. One big change is that the era of studio apartments has come to an end! I finally found an affordable one bedroom apartment.

I first started this blog as a resource for studio apartment-dwellers and it will of course stay that way, just might incorporate more ‘small space’ ideas, design, decor, etc. rather than just limited to studios.

I’ve had wonderful experiences with both studio apartments I’ve lived in but it will be really nice to have a bit more space. 725 square feet to be exact! The sad thing is that sounds huge to me right now, as both of my studios have been right at 500. Another new element I’m quite excited for is the addition of a balcony! I’ve wanted an outdoor space for so long and I can’t wait to personalize it and make it a second living area/outdoor oasis :)

I have a ton of great posts and features in store over the next few weeks, including a new packing system, tons of moving tips, painting, outdoor decor, and more! As often as I move, I find new tricks, tips, mistakes to avoid and I always learn a few lessons each time, so I’m happy to share all of that here. You might have noticed the floor plan in one of the apartment hunting posts, but this is the final winner! I’ll be moving almost exactly one month from today, so this is the official start of the crazy journey.

Black and White Bathroom Plans

While I adore my grey and white striped shower curtain, I want to go with a more clean, classic look for my next bathroom. I’m planning to paint the walls black, change out my shower curtain for this simple black and white striped one and change out my purple bath mat for this black and white patterned one. I’ve loved the black wall trend for a long time, and I think the bathroom will be the perfect spot to utilize it. Combined with white tile, it will be a bold statement, yet not too overbearing since it will be in a small space.
IMG_566803afe6d96de3c0101e21a144fd99c2cc 7f6b056f9d72bc8171d3bbd173fbe62d