DIY Terrarium

I received this beautiful West Elm terrarium as a birthday present and wanted to put my own spin on it. I’m not one to keep plants alive under any circumstances, so I opted for the “fake” terrarium. I purchased artificial succulents, white rocks and soil, and went to work!
2014-10-17 09.30.38

Some of the succulents were too large or long to fit inside the terrarium, so I just cut them to the size I needed.

2014-10-23 19.40.12

Initial placement and sizing trials:  2014-10-23 19.38.53

I put a light layer of small white rocks first, and then a layer of soil (that I forgot to take a second photo for):2014-10-26 19.07.41

And the final result! I did a bit of rearranging to figure out what worked best and I love how it all turned out! Now I can have a year- round gorgeous terrarium with zero maintenance. And the succulents actually look quite real in person, so I was really pleased with the end result. I would encourage any of you to make your own DIY terrariums (especially if you lack a green thumb). A fun, easy, affordable project with great results.

2014-10-26 19.15.562014-10-26 19.23.552014-10-26 19.15.33  2014-10-26 19.16.03 2014-10-26 19.16.32

New Apartment: Closet Organization

Closet post is finally here and it’s been finished for months, I just haven’t had a chance to get all of my before and after photos in one place. I love that my new apartment has all of these wonderful built-ins but it was a bit of a challenge getting everything arranged in this new system. There were a couple of trial and errors but I eventually found a little spot for every last item.

2014-08-17 20.01.212014-08-23 15.42.05

Progress: 2014-09-07 20.00.47

Sometimes you just need a glass of champagne while organizing your closet :) 2014-09-10 20.04.43

After:2014-09-10 20.23.24 2014-09-07 20.01.00

I removed one of the clothing bars from this area and managed to fit this three tier shelf perfectly in this nook:

2014-08-24 16.42.56

Additional room for storage and I didn’t need the extra hanging space in this area, so it all worked out:

2014-09-10 20.23.35 2014-09-10 20.25.17 2014-09-10 20.30.53 2014-09-10 20.30.01 2014-09-10 20.33.28 2014-09-10 20.34.49 2014-09-10 20.35.02 2014-09-10 20.36.25     2014-10-12 18.59.15

This was the last remaining area that was unfinished in my apartment so it’s a huge relief to have it finally done and checked off the list! Stay tuned for another post about Closet #2 soon.

Check out the closets at my old studio apartment here.

Favorite Link of the Day

Happy Friday! I love this before/after transformation on Apartment Therapy today. Excellent proof that if you have the vision, resources and skill, you can transform a drab piece (that might otherwise be ignored) into something amazing. Check out the full post here.


Style on a Budget: Five Nightstands Under $200

My latest post for the DC Ladies is live today! I’ve chosen five great nightstands and alternative pieces of furniture that can double as a nightstand- all under $200. You can really think outside the box when you’re shopping for one- think accent tables, a small desk or dresser, or even a kitchen cart. Check out the full post, sources and where to shop the look here.

5 nightstands under 200

Entryway Storage

Finally had time to organize the Ikea Raskog cart in my entryway. When I moved into my new place, I had it there temporarily because I couldn’t figure out where else to put it, and as the unpacking slowly winded down, I realized that it actually works in the space.

The initial chaos of the first stages of unpacking:

2014-08-19 19.55.17

Slight improvement, but still needed a bit of sorting and organization:

2014-09-01 17.21.13

Final result! Now I have a place for outgoing mail, bills, stamps, etc. and added my little vintage gold bowl to hold change and my laundry card. Eventually, I might want to invest in a small console table, but for now, this works and fits perfectly in the little spot in my entryway. More photos below:2014-10-12 18.19.30  2014-10-12 18.21.54 2014-10-12 18.22.08 2014-10-12 18.22.20 2014-10-12 18.22.32

I also purchased this rose gold letter sorter from CB2 a couple months ago and finally started using it. It looks great and keeps my kitchen island much more organized. 2014-10-12 18.26.47